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Unknown Mic

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by ImAGoodDuck, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. I'm probably gonna catch heat for this but it's cool. I recently saw a mic that kind of looked like a K&K Bullet Mic but it mounted underneath the tailpiece and there was no input jack that mounts on the strings. Any idea what it could be or something that mounts like that? It had a little puff ball on the end if that helps lol. Reason I ask is that I'm finally breaking down to buy a mic. Lately I've been able to record my gigs, just with a minidisc player, but I haven't enjoyed my sound yet. It sounds electric and very amp like and not my sound, classic problem. I enjoy my sound when I'm just playing acoustic but when I get to an amp it's just a drag. The other bummer thing is that I don't have a ton of money to spend. So if you don't know what it is, anything you can recommend out there at a reasonable price. I use a David Gage Realist right now.
  2. It might be a DPA 4061 which is much smaller than the K&K Golden Bullet, but its little fuzzy hat brings it up to about the same size. It might also be a DPA 4021, which is slightly larger than the K&K. Do you have any pictures?

    - Wil
  3. No I don't but he did have it going into a K&K Preamp mixed with his pickup. It sounded good but I suppose the bigger question is what are some other options out there for good natural sounding mics? Wish I could but an AMT but just ain't happenin lol.
  4. Reuben


    Aug 8, 2005
    Brooklyn, NY
    Sounds like maybe an Audio Technica pro 35X

    It's a good mic.
  5. Good call - did it look like this?

    - Wil
  6. No, thats not it. It was mounted completely under the tailpiece to where you couldn't see it at all. I just happend to go up during a break and took a look. That is a pretty sweet mic though. Don't know about the mounting on it though, looks a little iffy to me.
  7. The one in the picture can be clipped to anything (bell of a trumpet or sax, rim of a drum…) - I put mine on the bridge adjuster as it just happens to fit, and it's very convenient…

    - Wil
  8. Have you ever had problems with it falling off or rattling? Does it sound any good?
  9. No.



    The only problem I've found is to keep it out of the way of the bow. For arco, it's better to have the mic behind the tail-piece, or in the strings between the bridge and the tailpiece (recently, somebody posted pics of such a set up here)

    - Wil
  10. What does the mic connect to? Does it have it's own pre-amp or power supply?
  11. Pre-amp if I'm using the GK150; or mic-channel (1) on AI Clarus; or straight into main board if there's a sound-system. It has a small box for a 9V battery for use if phantom power isn't available.

    - Wil
  12. Do you have to attach the power supply to the bass?
  13. Nope - the mic has 25' of thin cable with a connector which plugs into the battery-module, which also has a 3-pin XLRM jack on it. I leave the battery-box next to the amp, with most of the thin cable coiled up next to it.

    - Wil
  14. Is the cable quiet? I've seen some cables that are really thin and you can hear it when the cable is moved or stepped on.

    Plus how is the mic in terms of bleeding and feedback?

    Do you have a sound clip posted using this mic?

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm just interested in a mic and can't swing an AMT and this mic seems like a good alternative.

  15. Brian K

    Brian K

    May 21, 2004
    Toronto, ON
    I have been using the Audio Technica ATM 35 as my only means of amplification for over a year now. It's great. The Pro 35 is aesthetically identical, but in my experience, not as good for bass. The ATM 35 is the one the company recomends for acoustic bass.

    The mic sounds great, and attaches easily. If you play with loud drummers alot it can be hazardous as the mic isn't as tightly focused as an AMT, and it does pick up others on stage. If you tend not to play with extremely loud musicians, I believe it is as good a bass mic as any.
  16. Does the ATM mount the same way as the that 35X thing? It just kind of worries me the mounting on the bridge but I could be wrong since I have never really seen the thing. But it seems to be a big risk of falling off and taking it off after you play.
  17. Brian K

    Brian K

    May 21, 2004
    Toronto, ON
    The ATM 35 is a different capsule in the same housing as the 35x, so it mounts in exactly the same way. I actually clip mine to the tailpiece, and aim the mic at the corner of the bridge 1-2 inches away. It has never fallen off on its own.
  18. Do you take it off when you are packing up your bass? Man Brian, your stuff on the sight is bad stuff! I'm a fan for sure.
  19. Brian K

    Brian K

    May 21, 2004
    Toronto, ON
    Yes, I take it off and pack it up in a little pencil case (included) every time. It is small enough though that you could come up with a more permanent attachment, and leave it on all the time.

  20. I think the only draw back for me is that I play with a fare number of loud drummers or in tight spaces so I don't know how well it would work out for me then. I'll have to try and find one though and try it out. Any other mics out there?