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  1. Quite possibly one of the world's most versatile foods, and pretty tasty on top of that. Share waffle related stories, restaurant suggestions, pictures of waffles, etc... Go ahead, declare your love for the waffle here, you know you wanna.
  2. I enjoy going to waffle house and ordering chicken and waffles while my friends and I talk to the waitress in serbian accents.
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    Pb&j on chocolate chip waffles with bacon, butter, syrup and powdered sugar.
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    You got me thinking about Code Kansas...

    You know what I'm talkin about!!
  5. I do like some waffle house. and i have a waffle iron at home that makes waffle sticks. the kids love them
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    I prefer my waffles with just a little butter on them.

    I did go to Waffle House one time after hearing about it so much. The food was OK, but not a joint I'll go to again. We went on a Sunday morning.

  7. Richland123


    Apr 17, 2009
    I went to a church festival Friday that had a chicken and waffle dinner. Around here, chicken and waffles are not the southern style fried chicken but they have cut up chicken and gravy poured over a large, fluffy Belgian style waffle. Sometimes, they use turkey. They are delicious.
  8. Potato Waffles . . . om nom nom
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    Every morning, my husband toasts two small waffles. He keeps one warm in the toaster oven while he prepares the other. Very carefully, he drizzles chocolate syrup into every waffle dimple. Then he spreads semi-frozen strawberries or raspberries on top. Since these are prone to falling off, he uses whipped topping as a structural adhesive to keep the fruit on the waffle. Then he adds a few semi-frozen blueberries to the top, along with some chopped walnuts.

    It is quite a production.
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    My wife waffles constantly.
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    Had to retire the old iron, the new one just doesn't cook them as well though.
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    My old roommate's ex-girlfriend or her dad (not sure which) gave him a waffle iron. They used it once and left a huge mess. He has long since moved out but the waffle iron remains. I guess there are painful memories attached to that waffle iron, or something.

    Score for me, I guess. He also left a fondue pot. I could make a cheese and chicken fondue with dunk waffle chunks in it for a nasty breakfast.
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    Apr 10, 2009
    I don't like blue waffles.
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    Every Sunday AM I make breakfast. Usually waffles, sometimes pancakes or french toast (with a 1940's batter recipe I got from my mom). And always with good sausages or bacon.
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    I used to have a waffle iron, but I left it behind when I moved out. I was never great at making waffles, but homemade sure do beat frozen waffles by a landslide. Honestly, I prefer pancakes. Or crepes, yeah. Crepes.
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    I was in the grocery store the other day and saw premade crepes. I can't imagine that tasting good. For me, the appeal of crepes is making them right then and eating them as soon as you peel them off the maker.

  18. MatticusMania

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    Sep 10, 2008
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    I couldnt imagine them tasting good, either. Crepes arent very hard to make, especially if you have a good nonstick griddle or pan.