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  1. I am a cashier at my local Walmart, in Lawn and Garden, since last September. Here's a list of observations I've made, and some do's and dont's.

    1. As a cashier, I am obliged to always remain at my post. I can help out customers once in a while, but if there's a line of customers waiting to check out, then they are my primary responsibility.

    2. As a cashier, I understand that I am the "face of Walmart", but I do not have the entire store memorized in my head. I do not know how many size 34B bras are left, nor do I care. I do not know exactly how many bags of mulch we have left, since I can't get away from my register to count them.

    3. I can give you the approximate location of the item you're looking for in Lawn and Garden, but beyond that it's strictly guesswork. See 2 above.

    4. Please have a functioning debit or credit card. Most people's cards are fine, but the occasional one looks like it has mold growing on the magnetic strip. Those cards cause no end of grief for everyone. Also, please be aware of how much money is in your account. Nothing worse that buying $500 worth of merchandise, and you only have $400 in your account. I have to suspend or abort the transaction, and that bogs everything and everyone down.

    5. Please don't bring 2 shopping carts worth of food to me, I'm not really equipped to handle it in an efficient manner. I only have a small counter space, and three bag slots on my bag carousel. Go to the front of the store, they have a long conveyor belt, and six bag carousels. Besides, they have AC, and I don't.

    6. Little kids, I love them! Keep them coming, they're a lot of fun! All the cashiers love interacting with them. Last week I had a little 3-year-old girl give me a hug, and another little girl said "I love you" to me! Made my day! I also like the little old ladies, they're such a hoot!

    7. I'll talk sports with customers all day long, but please, no politics or religion. That can get real heated in a hurry. I'll just agree with you, and that'll be that.

    It's certainly an interesting job, with a whole cast of characters coming through my line every day. Doesn't pay much, but at my age, there's not too many places that will hire an older worker, so for the next 6 years it'll have to be Walmart. I'm part-time, so while the money may not be there I do enjoy the extra time off. More time to practice my bass! :D
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    ? true to life is the "People of Walmart" website.
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    I know it's tough dealing with customers. I am always pleasant and polite with the Walmart cashiers and thank them and wish them a nice day as well.

    You could take this logo and change it to a bass clef and Walmart Bass League.

  4. Actually, I've seen a couple of characters, but in general my customers are just average people. I haven't seen any men in ladies dresses yet, although I'm sure it's probably happened to some of the other cashiers here!
  5. The vast majority of my customers are pleasant and polite. I can't say I've had really rude customers, although I've had one or two lose their tempers when I've made a mistake. But on behalf of all Walmart cashiers, I'd like to thank you for being a thoughtful and considerate customer. Customers like you make our jobs just that much more pleasant. :D
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    There is a Walmart here in Erie that everyone refers to as "Ghetto Mart." Thank your lucky stars that you don't work there.
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    Kudos to you for being able to deal with Wal-Mart customers everyday. I avoid that store because I can't do it. But hey, if it's giving you more time to play bass, sounds like a good trade off! :) :bassist:
  8. Thanks! I'm fortunate that in general my customers are good people. I work on the outskirts of Worcester, MA, so my customers are for the most part small town people. I've heard some horror stories about the Walmart superstore in Worcester!
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    I'll cop to this one. For whatever reason my main bank card rarely if ever works at the grocery store I go to most often. It's ONLY that store and it's ONLY in the checkout line readers (I use it all over town otherwise without fail, as well as in the gas pumps that are right outside the grocery store and owned by same). P*sses me off to no end, to the point that now whenever I go there I just plan on paying cash.
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    Understandable. 34C's and D's? Perhaps a bit more interesting. :D
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    OK. I laughed at that one. :D
  12. LOL! Good one! I must admit that I do find the view from some of my younger, more well endowed female customers to be very interesting indeed! ;)
  13. +1

    I wish people were more aware of their account status too as one of the people frequently stuck behind one of them, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting ...

    I'm not all that fond of the coupon carriers or the post transaction check writer either - have it ready.
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    Kinda reminds me of that commercial that used to run a few years ago. Not sure if it was VISA or who, but they show this line of people moving through the checkout, all using their cards and everything's going smoothly until this one person pulls out cash and everything grinds to a halt and he gets all these dirty looks.

    That ad really p*ssed me off because of how often the exact opposite is true. Cash doesn't take any longer than a credit/debit card to process and frequently can be transacted faster... especially if you have exact change and/or you've got a bum card or a balky reader.
  15. Don't let the card decline. Especially in my field, it happens a lot...they will try to buy 8000 worth of stuff, it will decline, and they'll say, "What?!?!??!! You're doing it wrong. Try it again. I just deposited a check last night!!!!!"

    Try it again. Right. Like I forgot how to slide a credit card across a reader and the results will somehow be different this time. long have you had a bank account. You honestly didn't know that banks usually hold deposits for at least a day or two, especially check deposits??? Come on playa.
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    Working productively is honorable. Congrats.

    My first job was as a busboy at a popular restaurant. It was hard busy work but, I was glad I did it.
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    Thank god for self checkout.

    I avoid interacting with anyone, cashier or another customer, at all costs.

    Nothing worse than someone trying to make small talk about an item you're holding or a "How about them Cowboys!" type of sports conversation.
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    I never worked a foodservice job, but all 3 of my daughters have. Suffice to say I have a lot more agreeable attitude towards tipping than I did when I was younger.
  19. Actually, paying by check takes just a little bit more time. Autocheck makes the process faster, and you don't even have to sign the check. But I think checks are on the decline in society if my experiences as a cashier are any indication. It's for the most part only older women past a certain age who still write checks. For the large majority of my customers it's cash or plastic. In terms of speed it's:

    1. Credit
    2. Debit
    3. Cash (exact change is the fastest here)
    4. Walmart Gift Cards
    5. Personal checks
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    You could just send them to the Lobby.

    Anyway, please do me a favor. Don't talk sports or anything else all day long. I'm next in line and late for dinner.