Warm & Bassy & Thick... Oh my!

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  1. I currently own a Fender Special Edition Deluxe Ash Jazz Bass and enjoy dialing in a thick, bassy tone for slower, more sustained note tunes. My settings are Neck pup (10), Bridge pup (4-5), Tone (4-5).

    Can anyone attest to the greatness of this setting combination for this type of music?

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    are these settings for direct recording to a console (no preamp/amp/speaker/mic)? If so, then sure, why not? Otherwise, if going to output to any other gear post-bass instrument, there are countless ways to make (within reason) virtually any bass tone setting achieve a "warm, thick, bass" - and any other subjective descriptive term you can come up with.

    Describe why you're asking this question, with some context providing the "how and why". Thanks.
  3. The context to which I am attributing my subjective adjectives is a live setting. Moreover, I am simply curious about the pure bass > amp [nothing else] EQ recipe I mentioned.

    On the other hand, this is simply a conversation for gear minimalists to share how they achieve optimal tone without a gaggle of toys.
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    May 12, 2013
    Yes more front would be thicker, with the bridge thre for some added tone. Your tone dial might be a little bright and might pick up finger sliding.
    I know you're trying to be a gear minimalist but after two years I still can't decide if I like my compressor or my sansamp bassdi better. I play pbass and that magical drive knob on the di with the bass and treble both turned down I can get the higher notes to really sing out. Hey a sansamp is as minimal as you can get if you just use that and plug into mains but I wouldn't like that myself.
  5. I'm actually in the market for a compressor. Right now I am not running thing a part from a pedal tuner and amp. I just bought myself a Markbass Little Mark Tube 800 and Traveler 102P. Before the new rig I used an Acoustic B100 MkII. I have to say I don't care for the tweeter in the 102P, but I still need time to get used to it.
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    I am glad you found a tone you like! However, the settings honestly don't matter to any of us (maybe just me). Our playing styles, other pedals in use, strings, speaker cab, and so on will all affect the final sound we hear based on those EXACT settings. As to whether it will sound good in a live setting, EVERY room is different and the settings you came up with now are NOT going to work every where you go. It's all about learning how to adjust your gear in ANY situation to get the tone you want. Sometimes you simply need to dial in a different tone to hear yourself in a loud rock band, a loud stage, and/or a horrible sounding room.

    The tone you are describing could get lost in the mix with a bass heavy guitarist. Just speculating...