Warwick Dolphin Pro 1, 5 string (Flatwound Strings)

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  1. Sandhills


    Aug 7, 2017
    I have a 1991 Warwick Dolphin Pro 1, 5 string that needs new strings. I'm used to Flatwound Strings; however, Warwick does not carry Flatwound strings. Is there any flatwound strings that would "fit" this bass?
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  2. Greetings, have you considered selling your Dolphin Pro I NT-5 string? I just noticed your ad, and I am currently looking to buy one like yours. If you would ever become interested in selling yours; or, if you know someone that may interested in selling theirs, please contact me asap. I am an adult professional female bassist from Los Angeles with cash in hand and I'm on a mission to buy a Dolphin Pro I NT5 TODAY. FYI I am also looking for an Alembic Dragon Wing, a Europa 4, 5; a Warwick 4-string Buzzard Bass, a Status Graphite Buzzard, or most importantly, an Alembic Dragon Wing. Thank you for reading!
  3. Sandhills


    Aug 7, 2017
    Thanks for the note and the interest. In response to your question: I'm not sure. This Warwick is a little different than most. First, the 1991 (you probably know this) was a limited run with the 5 string. Second, this Warwick has Alembic pickups and electronics. I've been told by a local player that Warwick did this with a few of these instruments; but Warwick didn't confirm this. We bought this bass for our daughter so I will need to consult with her. Stay tuned.
  4. Sandhills


    Aug 7, 2017
    Dear Gail (if I may),

    We have discussed your query with our daughter. As the start of this thread might indicate we've had difficulty obtaining flatwound strings that our daughter favours (she plays a Gibson SG short-scale four string), so she hasn't had the opportunity to spend time playing the Warwick. However, a set of strings that we ordered arrived yesterday; we have arrangements to have it re-stringed next week, so after mid week she will have the opportunity to spend some time working with it. So, if she decides it's not for her could I contact you to let you know?

    On another note, we acquired this Warwick from a local guitar shop here in Victoria, BC that offered the Warwick Dolphin Pro 1 (1991) and a Warwick Thumb Neck-thru 5 string (1991). The latter is still available if you are interested. The shop is called Guitars Plus and is a one-man shop owned and operated by Kurt Phillips. Kurt is a great guy and his shop offers lots of rare and interesting guitars and basses. Here is the url to the shop web site: Guitars Plus! | Guitar Accessories Victoria | Home

    In closing, thank you for your interest.

    Sincerely, Doug
  5. Greetings Doug,

    You are a consummate Gentleman and professional. I greatly appreciate that. Thank you again for your message .

    I was going to send you a note today. I also greatly appreciate you giving me the opportunity to communicate with you .

    Indeed, I have a definite purpose and vision with my new instrument acquisitions. They need to be unique to help my career advance faster. A Thumb bass just wont do...

    I was part of a Surf Rock Music Tour last year and I noticed how much people loved seeing the guitars, they flock to hear their favorite songs but even even more to so see the[r favorite cool guitars.

    I'm starting to make an impression in the LA music scene, or what's left of it post itunes and I need to be playing the coolest, most unique looking instruments around. Nobody else has thought of doing thgat for some bizarre reason. I guess they are too busy looking at my cool basses on their cell phones to focus on their own careers lol. Go figure.

    Also Doug, since you seem like you are sincerely interested, there is another element involved, more on the Metaphysical level.

    My Dad passed away from cancer just last month on July 5 and while I have a sister remaining who is down in FL taking care of him, it was a total surprise to me, nobody told me for my Dad probably told them not to. So I got my plane tickets but it wasn't fast enough. We DID get to say goodbye via skype on July 4th and the next morning he was gone. Dad did not tell me he was sick for he knew I would drop everything here and go to take care of him, he knows how hard I am working here and he did not want to hinder my career. I did not expect to be left with an inheritance or anything, he spent all he had taking care of my other sister from an unfortunate car accident she was involved in long ago. Nevertheless, Dad apparently managed to salt away something for I received a letter from his attorney and he did indeed leave me just enough to buy my dream 4-string and 5-string basses and use them with all my Heart to make some kind of enduring music and keep spreading the love. I know that;s exactly what he would have wanted me to do, as he took me to buy my first bass guitar when I was 13 for $35.

    So, my 5-string needs to be a Warwick Dolphin. The style, the uniqueness, the LOOK is very attractive and will help serve to build my fan base.faster; and may get me noticed easier and that is what I am after. what I bottom-line.

    Below is an excellent example of the 5 string Dolphin NT5 I'm looking for, model, price etc. I may have more pics of another great example of a Dolphin I will find and send it to you asap if I can.

    Talk soon Doug and thank You!



    1991 Warwick Dolphin Ltd NT-5

    Price: $3100
    Strings: 5
    Location: Indiana
    Near mint '91 Warwick Dolphin 5er w/ wide spacing [Broad Neck]

    This thing is quite amazing and VERY rare.

    Boire Rosewood Body
    Wenge Neck thru
    Bartolini Soapbars
    Warwick Flightcase

    100% original and unspoiled.
    11# on a bathroom scale.

    Additional pix/info upon request.

    $3100 Shipped and insured Continental US.
    No trades please.

    Paypal or money order preferred.
    Willing to meet within ~100mi of 46804.


  6. Hi Doug,

    I was going to buy this one, but I waited and missed out:

    Warwick Dolphin Pro 1 1998 5 String
    • Listed about 1 year ago by Ryan Pendant
    • Condition: Excellent




    For sale: 5 String 1998 Warwick Dolphin Pro 1
    Active MEC J/TJ pickups
    Ovangkol body
    Wenge fingerboard
    Natural oil finish
    About 10 lbs
    Comes with hard shell Warwick case

    Excellent condition - a couple tiny dings on the horn and back from years of play.

    Plays like a dream, but I just don't play enough anymore to justify having this much bass. Hope to sell to someone else who will love to play it out. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

    Product Specs
    Dolphin Pro 1
    5-String or More
    Made In:
    Report Item to Reverb
  7. Sandhills


    Aug 7, 2017
    Hello Gail,

    My apologies for the delay in responding.

    We've had the Warwick stringed with La Bella Nylon Flatwounds. Paige is able to play it effortlessly with the new strings, so we will not be parting with it.

    I wish all the best in your pursuit of locating a Dolphin. I am certain, as with most things in life, when you are not looking it will find you.

    Cheers, Doug
  8. That is so awesome. I knew everything was going to wotk out for Paige its an awesome instrument....perfect for a woman's hands...that's why I want one.

    Actually it turns out the timing delay is better for me. I just bought a beautiful 1990's black Warwick John Entwistle Buzzard Bass from a seller in Germany. Its turning into an exciting project until my Dolphin finds me ;)

    It is on its way to Martin Sims at Sims Custom Shop in Kent, UK. There h e is going to install custom factory-like retrofit side & front LEDs. Then ship it to me. He has state of the art custom electronics and such too. Perhaps you and Paige may want to have a look at his site just for fun, its very cool and he is an awesome guy to work with. SIMS UK
    . He is the only shop I found that offers this service. If i take my bass to a gig and the lights go down, it gets really dark especially as I get older :).

    Thank you kindly, Doug.

    My Best,
  9. Sandhills


    Aug 7, 2017
    Hello Gail,

    I'm delighted to learn that you have acquired a John Entwistle Warwick and I viewed the Sims Custom Shop (interesting work).

    I used to be a Fender only player (my last purchased bass is a 1976 Fender Precision that I acquired in 1978 new at a guitar store in Saskatoon), but exposure to the Warwick (through Paige's playing) and the Dingwall (played by Paige's bass instructor) has exposed my views to a wide variety of instruments. Frankly, if the Warwick wasn't going to work we were going make it available to you and we have located an Elrick. The Elrick is a fine instrument. The Dolphin plays nicely and sounds terrific. The Alembic pickups have a great deal to do with that. Interesting my favourite bassist is John Paul Jones and he plays Alembic instruments.

    On another somewhat related note there is a fellow here in Victoria that restores instruments:Home. I've not used his services, but I'm thinking about it because as you can imagine a 41 year Fender has been around the block a few times.

    Gail, I wish you all the best with the Buzzard and the pursuit of a Dolphin.

    Warmest regards, Doug
  10. Thanks Doug. If Paige changes her mind for whatever reason, please do not hesitate to contact me immediately via my email [email protected] or my cell 310-710-4126.

    John Paul Jones, Jack Bruce, Jaco Pastorius, James Jamerson, Stanley Clarke, are on my main list too. :). That was my second option. I also found a blonde Alembic Europa 5-string. I have had a 4 string Europa and while the electronics are the best in creation by far, Alembic necks tend to be unstable and I found that just like sometimes looking at ice cream feels like it makes me gain weight, simply looking at my Alembic made the neck twist. I was wishing for a jazz bass a lot. So I have one and the neck is impervious to anything.

    I just found a Warwick Infinity 5 with Gold Hardware that looks excellent. If it is still on the market in a few days it may become mine.

    I attached a couple of photos of my new 1990's Black Buzzard: Buz 1 FB Cover.jpg Buz 2.jpg BUZ Headstock 1.jpg Thank you for everything Doug and please do take good care.


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