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  1. mightybjorn

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    Jan 10, 2009
    Ile Perrot, Quebec
    hey all, long time reader first time poster. i've been playing bass for almost a year now and come to this site pretty often, just to read around, its a great resource :D

    anyways ive decided its time for me to change the strings on my bass and i was wondering what kind of strings are good in terms of brands and what not. i play mostly rock/metal and im looking for something mid gaugeish, also could someone explain to me what is considered to be mid area? Thanks in advence

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  2. JessyB96


    Dec 14, 2008
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    first you have to be a sponsoring member to change ur avatar i think. And the best strings i have come across are made by rotosound. so i suggest a pair of med gauge rotosound 66 swing bass strings 45-105 maybe
  3. smogg


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    NPR, Florida
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    Generally on a four string bass; lights:40 to 100, med:45 to 105, heavy:50 to 110. Stainless steel round wounds are very popular for rock and metal. Brand wise, let your wallet be your guide. No point looking at $40 or $50 strings if you can only spend $25.
  4. One thing that makes it difficult to know what kinds of strings to get is that price doesn't necessarily mean quality with bass strings. The only way to really know what kind of strings you're going to like is try a bunch of different brands. That said, I would recommend DR Hi Beams. They're very popular and for good reason.
  5. Rendog92

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    Jan 2, 2009
    I would say the DR hi beams like eaglemoon said, they are tight and nice sounding bass strings. Honestly though, you should buy Curt Mangan strings, they are up and coming, and many bass players use them on their bass guitars. Its an exceptional company, I had a blue steel by dean markley snap on my 6 string electric, I had to buy a curt mangan string (1 string), it didnt snap. Its a tough string. Also, dont make the mistake of getting small gauge strings, get at least 45 to 105s.
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    Dec 27, 2007
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    I've been working my way through the DR line so here's my two cents when it comes to how some of their strings feel and sound to me when brand new...

    Hi-Beams. Very popular string. Very bright. I can see why people like them but in drop D tuning I felt like I needed more tension and they were too bright for my taste.

    Black Beauties. Coated Hi-Beams. I liked the sound and feel better. The coating toned down the brightness a touch. Look great on a black bass. Still wanted something stiffer.

    SS Lo-Riders (currently on). Now we're talkin'. The stiffness of the core makes up for the loss of tension in drop tuning and seems to add some punch. Loved the feel. Definitely playable and readily available locally. Still a hair bright for my taste.

    Next on list:

    Nickel Lo-Riders. I really think these will be perfect for me. If I could have found them locally I would have tried them first.

    Hi-Beam Flats. I really want to check these out.
  7. Gruntollio Bass

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    May 27, 2007
    Sydney (Australia)
    For years I swore by D'Addario XL's and found them to feel good and sound good.

    Then when I brought a new bass it came with Elixir nanowebs and I was blown away with how good these strings sound and how long they last in comparrison with the XL's.

    Last month I brought a set of Aurora coated strings for my 5 string bass and so far these have been very good. Time will tell yet if they last as well as the elixirs but they sound and feel great. The coating on them does feel just a tad thicker than the elixirs and perhaps dulls the tone ever so slightly, but after giving them a hiding over the past month or so they seem to be holding up real well.
  8. Rendog92

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    Jan 2, 2009
    Get Curt Mangan stainless wounds, you might say "I want something with _____ or I want _______", I find the Curt Mangans more versatile than any other string that I have tried. The DR Hi and Lo strings are great too, the one with the black wrapping is especially good for a nice even high and good lows.
  9. mightybjorn

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    Jan 10, 2009
    Ile Perrot, Quebec
    alright thanks, ill check em out. btw how much would Curt Mangan stainless wounds cost? you dont have to give me an exact number, an estimate would be great

    thanks alot