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What to do???

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Nato, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. Nato


    Jun 2, 2002
    Well I have been trying to figure out what kind of bass setup I want for myself and I think i have settled on getting a couple of acme B2's (love the hi-fi sound) but I am not really sure what to do about powering theses hungry guys or what to do for tone shaping. I would really like to put in about 700 watts into each to really get the most out of them but I am really cluless about power amps or building the rest of the setup that demands this much power. Well any help that you could give would be much appreciated!
  2. Nato


    Jun 2, 2002
    Well I did some more reserch on what I wanted and I am thinking about going for a EBS-1 preamp (not sure which version I want yet) or something similar in sound. But as far as power goes I am really cluless what to look for or what brands are good and such. I have heard good things about crest and stewart world but any more advice i could get would be useful, or if there is another preamp that would be cheeper than the EBS but still have a similar sound. Thanks
  3. Nato-

    I run my Acme Low B-4 with a Peavey Max Bass Pre-Amp and a Peavey DPC 1400X Power Amp. Light, powerful, and flexible! The Peavey Max is in no way in the same league as the EBS but it does offer tube and SS combinable sections, decent EQ, and can be had new for around $325. Here's some links-


    DPC 1400X-

    Another good choice for power would be the QSC PLX line of amplifiers. They have an excellent reputation and are comparitively light to other amps of similar out-put. Check them out as well-

    QSC PLX-

    I have found that with the Acme cab I need very little tweeking at the pre-amp to get the sound I want. It takes the sound of my bass and makes it louder! I usually only use the EQ to adjust for different room acoustics. I like the Peavey as it's pretty "nuetral" sounding and I was familiar with it's abilities from previous use. About the only thing I've found myself wanting is a parametric EQ. Peavey is coming out with a Pro 1600 head that has everything I think I could ever want (including a parametric EQ!). I don't know when that will hit the stores though. In any case, I hope this helps you out a little. It's really all about preference and how much $$$ you're willing to spend!

  4. I had the Peavey Max, it's a great preamp but it was lacking in eq for me. I now have the Peavey Pro 500 with a parametric eq, this is one sweet amp. With the para eq, I'm able to dial in the exact tone I want. The Pro 1600 looks very promising, I can't decide to go with that for a big rig or add a power amp to the 500. The 1600 will be available in April. I bet the 1600 would be sweet bridged into an Acme B4!
  5. metalgod502

    metalgod502 Guest

    Sep 22, 2003
    il. U.S.A.
    well whatever you do dont run a 20 year old 8 ohm. 50 watt gk head through an acme b4.

    not a very good idea

    luckily i just got an ampeg svt 4 pro head off of ebay. i hope that will work better.

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