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What up, y'all?

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by MustacheJoeII, May 18, 2011.

  1. Hello TalkBass-type folks,

    Just making a formal introduction here. Semi-pro musician, here. I've been playing bass for about 17 years and have been playing music for about 22 years. People ask me what kind of music I play and my typical response is, "Whatever they pay me to." I work with the local professional theaters a lot, mostly playing bass, but a little mandolin too this summer. I grew up playing jazz (I do play double bass, both arco and pizz) and really learned my music theory doing that. Most people would put in the category of "Rock Solid" in my playing style. Even though I'm 32 and have been playing most of my life, only in the last few years have really developed a distinct voice.

    I'm real simple when it comes to gear: I mostly use a stock 1989 Squire II slab body (the only thing I've changed on it is the input jack that crapped out during a run of a show last year) signed by Mike Watt on the front lower horn. I've got a cheapo Dean acoustic bass guitar that really made me think about how I played, it really did wonders as far as the way that I think about the instrument and the limitations that we put on both it and ourselves. I also have a mid-90's student model Englehardt that I bought back on high school, that girl goes out on gigs a lot, too. I recently purchased, and am very happy with, an Ampeg Micro VR. Super sweet and great for gigging. Three tone control knobs are all I need.

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