What's the price barrier for an EUB?

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  1. I'd really love one of these, but i really can't afford to spend a lot. Are there any cheap manufacturers?
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    First, what is your budget?

    There are a number of manufacturers out there in various price points, but I think you really sacrifice a lot (and honestly, you're already sacrificing quite a bit going to an EUB over a DB... I know firsthand). It may be better to try and find a used one so you can make your money go a little farther.
  3. I don't doubt it, but it's a more versatile and portable instrument. And i probably couldn't practice with an actual DB - plus, they tend to cost even more, if i'm not wrong.
    As for budget, currently it's zero, but i do plan on getting one in the not too far future. Ideally i'd like to spend around 400-600, if that gets me a fairly decent instrument. Failing that i'd save up to over and around 1000€ and get an NS... Don't they start at 1200 or so?
    I agree on looking for a used bass, though i don't think there is much market here.
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    Sep 9, 2007
    Kalamazoo, MI
    Manager of Digital Brand Development and Product Development at GHS Strings
    Portable, yes. More versatile? The only thing that restricts an instrument's application is the mindset of the musician.

    That said, Stagg would be about the closest, I think, that you could get to an EUB in your price range, or a used/discontinued NS Design WAV. Both pop up in the FOR SALE section on here and the EB side of talkbass somewhat regularly.

    I wouldn't touch the Dean Pace, because it's nothing more than an electric bass neck mounted vertically on a stand. Small scale, no radius fingerboard and it sounds "meh."

    As for DB price, you could probably get an "okay" one for about a grand, but then you'd definitely want to put in another couple hundred dollars to have it set up well. At that point, it puts you in the range of an NS Design NXT.
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    What about a Palatino VE-500?
  6. You are right about that, but you can get a greater variety of sounds with electronics. Anyway the problem would be practicing - i'm about to move out into a shared apartment, so that might be a problem especially if i want to play in the evening etc.
    I'd follow the sales section of TB if the majority of members weren't american, or am i wrong about that?
    Yep, looks like something i could do better myself.

    I am good at setting up my EB, is a DB so much more complex that i need to take it to a luthier? Also, are those ~300€ DBs any... I won't say "good", but at least "playable"?

    Can't say i like the look. What's the cheapest price for a decent instrument, and the cheapest price at all?
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    Given that you're in Europe, check Thomann's offerings -- they seem to range from a little under 400 euros for the Staggs and Harley Bentons, to a bit over a grand for the lower end NS Designs, to 2-3000 and over for the higher end.

    I like my EUB (NS CR4M) -- it's another instrument, not a DB, not just a big fretless BG. Read some of the other threads -- everything you're asking about is here somewhere. For my money, I would avoid the bottom end instruments like the plague, but would definitely consider the NXTs.

    And yes, setting up a DB is so much more complex than BG. Whether you need a luthier depends on how many mistakes you can afford to make. From the tenor of your posts so far, I would say not many, like most of us.
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    Check out KK Baby Bass. I just ordered the KB1. Should be towards to end of the build. Can't wait to get it.
  9. Thanks to everyone for your replies.

    The Stagg seems like a solid candidate, don't know if the Harley Benton is any good. How much does the KK cost?
    Also i really like the Ergo basses, though it would probably be a pain to have them shipped here.
  10. The cheap semi-acoustic EUBs are often not well made, at least more risky to become damaged. See the Palatino megathread.

    But it depends what you want the EUB for.
    The "plank" (solid body instrument) is more robust, but hard to be heard without amplification. No body resonance gives a bit simpler sound. But if a semi-acoustic is badly made there is not much resonance from it either.
    A semi-acoustic is often lighter than the "plank", but more delicate to handle. You might be able to practice without any amplification. (But if it is quiet enough you can do this also with a solid body instrument.
    A bit of chorus and/or reverb helps to get a more vivid sound, but the result gets away from an acoustic double bass sound, specially if you use too much of it. And you have to carry some more stuff around.

    If you want more, get a real acoustic double bass or a really good semi-acoutic bass that could be twice or three times as expensive as the double bass.
  11. In theory i would be practicing in silence or with headphones, so that shouldn't be a problem. I'm not really looking for a semi acoustic instrument. A real DB would be great, and the amplification problem can easily be solved with piezos, but since i'm moving into an apartment the acoustic sound might be a problem. I'm sure the cheap EUBs aren't great, but since i want to start playing DB (or something that plays like one) they will do. I can't afford/don't want to spend so much for an instrument i might end up not liking or not playing enough.
  12. However... buy buying cheap and not so good, you pretty much guarantee you won't like it.

    Whereas, spending more, you will have significant resale value, and you are more likely to like the instrument.
  13. The Stagg is not so bad for that. But there are some things that may need some working. Nut height, slot width etc.
    Also the nut can break easily if the strings used are a bit thicker than the stock strings. Happened to me yesterday. Now I need to make a new nut (this time from ebony, not plastics).

    You can make an acoustic bass much more quiet, but not as quiet than an unamplified solid body EUB. Put foam into the f-holes until they are completely closed, a towel under the tailpiece might help a bit too and put something damping under the endpin to avoid transfering the vibratrion into the floor and walls.

    A real DB is much nicer to play than an EUB (even most more expensive ones). But it is also larger. I use an EUB for rehearsals when I need to take public transport and the DB for the gig.
  14. The problem with buying a DB is, basically, that i will have to move pretty soon, and i plan on moving again probably after less than two years, and then move again 3-4 years after that, this time abroad. So, yeah. Until i'm finally settled buying a large instrument is a no go, since i'll have enough trouble as it is with two el. basses.
    As for the price, i'm moving out of my parent's house to go in another city, renting a room in a shared house with my savings and looking for a job. Since i don't intend to invest much time and energy into a succesful carreer, realistically i don't think i'll be earning a lot, even when settled. Therefore a +1000€ purchase it's a huge purchase.
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  16. I've mentioned them a few posts ago. They look really good and i wouldn't mind one, but having it shipped to italy would cost a ridiculous sum.
  17. If you want to buy a Stagg better get the new one with the enhanced headstock and the rosewood fingerboard. Should be worth the additional money.

    But be prepared to work a bit on the instrument. The nut breaks easily (it seems newer instruments have a thicker one) and something might rattle. Read the Stagg megathread to see what you can expect.

    You should also think of getting an instrument with a stand or an endpin. I prefer an endpin, so I can move around the bass a bit. Also needed if you want to practise double bass thump position technique. So for me it was a Stagg.

    My instrument was really cheap because it was slightly damaged. Ebay Germany, seller wolffstore_gmbh sells damaged Staggs there. Look for "EDB-3/4" on www.ebay.de. Shipping costs to Italy: 24,90 Euro.
    Typical price is about 150 Euro, but look for the damages, don't buy damaged headstocks.
    My Stagg was damaged at the body where the neck was fixed. Remove some wood and glue it together with a press and it is almost like new.
  18. Thanks!