Where can you get a MM body?

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  1. Hi all -

    I am thinking about building a bass and doing a relatively simple natural finish with TruOil or Boiled Linseed. Originally was thinking about picking up an Ash P or J body, but looking at my rack, I have a P, I have a J, but no MM. Variety is the spice of life and all that...

    However, I can't find any MM bodies on the web, and I didn't realize Warmoth didn't do them. Bonus points if able to custom order: really looking for rear rout, no pickguard, and a P pickup in the neck.

    Is there a "go-to" for unfinished (or natural finished) aftermarket MM bodies?

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  2. Nevermind - ended up finding something else entirely :)
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    Belatedly........ Probabaly on the The Stratosphere, which is a site on Ebay and elsewhere that buys brand new Fenders and parts them out at inflated prices. Not sure how I feel about it, but if you want it ,and have the cash, they can probably get it or have it. Looks like they have hooked up with Allparts to sell their aftermarket parts as well.
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  4. I'd poked around their site a bit and while it seems like a relatively good place to get "stock" or loaded MIM/Squier bodies, I was surprised that they didn't have any MM stuff.

    Mostly just surprised that building MMs isn't as popular as I would have thought.
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    The reason you see aftermarket fender style bodies everywhere is because fender never protected their body shapes legally, only their headstock shapes. That’s why warmoth , all parts necks say “ licensed by fender” and their bodies don’t. Anyone can build and sell a fender copy body but you need permission to use the fender headstock shape.
    These companies can’t legally make a music man body without Ernie Ball granting a license. And Ernie ball as well as Gibson aren’t doing that.
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  6. Makes total sense!
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    If you want a custom stingray body, I suggest getting the dimensions on a drawing.
    If you can get your hands on a music man bass, trace the body, take pics, get all the specs and take it to a Luthier and have them build you one .
    I did this with a custom headless modulus flea bass body and it cost less than a warmoth because my guy is awesome to work with.
    0562DA74-10D2-4EFE-A880-D002D80C9528.jpeg 7445FEA9-56E6-41C9-8E53-451D14F8E79F.jpeg 1B65BFCE-D8ED-4DC0-A63C-E1B36D2F8CA9.jpeg AD5E6123-88A5-4B13-BFC1-942BAFAEA9ED.jpeg 2A26C979-CDA4-4F3A-BE8D-32A212F4ADC9.jpeg 94BE311A-88AE-4BE1-B823-D5B93F2F0F5F.jpeg 471C0BA5-C20B-4E8D-8397-5A58AF42D3C1.jpeg 6E824214-24AB-4011-B390-14ADA15F54F1.jpeg
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    Warmoth's C4 or C5 isn't exactly the same shape, but it might scratch the itch - they will do whatever pickups you want, wherever you want them - call them on the PHONE and talk with them about what you want, they're good at working things out in the respect IF you call them - there are things that they will do that aren't on the web site. If you start with a production body and route for a P pickup, there's a good chance you'll chip the paint, and have to refinish the thing - something to consider. Warmoth will also sell you a body blank, with neck pockets, pickup routes, and control cavities done - you can shape it to whatever you want, with confidence the the critical dimensions are all good.

    Here's my mashup of a Ric (pickup position is where the bridge pickup is on a Ric) and a Stingray - I use eq on my pedalboard to do what the preamp in a 'Ray does:

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