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Which bassists are you watching?

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Surgeon, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. Surgeon


    Mar 4, 2003
    North Dakota
    I was just perusing the online book/video stores and came across a Victor Wooten live at Bass Jam '98 video. I did a search here and couldn't see any discussion of best inspirational bass videos (ie: not for instruction, but just to sit back and say "Wow, that guy is awesome." :eek: )

    So let me have it. I've got a credit card and an itchy mouse finger just waiting to buy some good concert/live bass performances on DVD. :p

    Who do you like to watch?
    Why do you like to watch them?
    What specific videos/clips can you recommend for your fellow TBers?
  2. Matt Till

    Matt Till

    Jun 1, 2002
    Edinboro, PA
    Primus just put out their live DVD...

    I also saw a Level 42 live performance at Media play for like 8 bucks... I'm not sure if it's worth it. :eek:
  3. steal-o-matic


    Apr 11, 2004
    right now im watching new primus, DT at budokan, and rush
  4. well, most of my favorite current players aren't on video... yet!

    for a serious DVD purchase, though, I'd go with Joni Mitchell's amazing Shadows and Light. Jaco handles the low end and takes a killer solo, but the rest of the band is as devastating:

    Pat Metheny on guitars
    Michael Brecker on sax
    Lyle Mays on keys
    Don Alias on drums
    the Persuasions on backing vocals

    heady stuff!

    from the lows,

  5. Surgeon


    Mar 4, 2003
    North Dakota
    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Keep 'em coming!

    Citibank loves you guys! :p
  6. Lee Ritenour - Live at The Coconut Grove. Anthony Jackson plays for most of the concert and Brian Bromberg fills in on URB. Very good stuff.

    Calle 54. You should have this already! It has an awesome performance with Michel Camilo, Anthony Jackson and Horacio 'El Negro' Hernandez. Also has plenty of other great latin music including a performance from Tito Puente just weeks before he passed.

    Drummers Collective 2002. It's available from Hudson Music and has Vic, John Patitucci, Dave Weckl Band and Steve Gadd. This is a great purchase as well.

    It won't be available in the US till May or June, but I suggest checking out the clips for Lee's new DVD. You can see them here, scroll down a bit. http://www.audiophileimports.com/news.php

    EDIT: Speaking of Now Live from Pat Metheny is a very good DVD. Richard Bona has a cool solo towards the end.
  7. SirPoonga


    Jan 18, 2005
    Right now anyone. Since I am a beginner bassist I am looking at technique and such from others.

    I have Santana Supernatural Live DVD, Benny Reitveld plays on that.
    I also have Rush in Rio on DVD.
    And the new blues tribute DVD, Lightning in a Bottle or something like that. Some of the songs are played by a guy with an upright, some are played with a guy on a pbass.
  8. doesn't Matt Garrison have a new DVD out?
  9. im watching you :eek:
  10. DaveBeny


    Mar 22, 2000
    London, UK
    Jonas Hellborg - 'Paris' DVD

    Amazing east-meets-west fusion featuring the late, great Shawn Lane melting his guitar fretboard.

    Viewable clip here: http://www.bardorecords.com/idx3.htm
  11. Surgeon


    Mar 4, 2003
    North Dakota
    I feel like Drew Barrymore or Neve Campbell! :bag:
  12. Surgeon


    Mar 4, 2003
    North Dakota
    Great clip.

  13. Juan Alerete on Mars Volta clips I got from Limewire...

    Jaco's instructional.

  14. Alvaro Martín Gómez A.

    Alvaro Martín Gómez A. TalkBass' resident Bongo + cowbell player

    Bela Fleck And The Flecktones Live At The Quick, not only because Victor Wooten. The whole band is awesome. You can see Vic playing "Amazing Grace". BTW, maybe someone who has watched this video can answer a question I've had: Is it humanly possible to incline forward (is "stoop" the English word for it?) to the angle Victor reaches in his duel with the tabla player? There must be a trick there, right?
  15. I saw a video of Alvaro that was pretty ripping!
  16. Alvaro Martín Gómez A.

    Alvaro Martín Gómez A. TalkBass' resident Bongo + cowbell player

    Hey Stew! How are you doin'? Thank you for your comment, man! :) . But we're discussing REALLY GOOD bassists here, and I (definitely) don't qualify. You should upload to your website video versions of "Sangria" or "Wrong Dream" or "Beautiful Badass" , for instance. Jaw-droppers, for sure! :bassist:
  17. bonscottvocals


    Feb 10, 2005
    Upstate NY
    Geddy Lee to cull different licks. I've seen them live, and even had the "Exit Stage Left" laser disk in the 80's, but I never paid close attention to his right hand. It's like he's strumming with his middle and ring finger, and he slams the heck out of stuff with his index. I'm all over "Rush in Rio".

    Darryl Jones (right?) the bass player for the Rolling Stones 40 Licks tour. I have the 4 DVD set from Best Buy, and that guy is phenominal. He can ride the root, play the 1-5-7, or funk it up and sound just as at home in each of those environments. One word: Fan-fricking-tastic.

    Cliff Williams for his picking style. He's like a freight train, driving through AC/DC tunes with raw power and precision. "Live in Donnington" proves you don't need more than 4 strings to do your thing.

    Tommy Shannon in "SRV Live at Monterey". The blues are owned, and Double Trouble holds the key. I get so many licks from those videos (it includes 1982 and 1985). I'm not a huge blues or SRV fan, but that video rocks with such intensity.

    Let me not forget "Led Zeppelin" with some band... um... Oh yeah Led Zeppelin. Of course, JPJ rules. If Geddy Lee didn't study his style, I don't know who did. (of course, GL had a serious "Plant" voice on "Rush") What's not to learn on that album? How do you keep the low end, lock in the melody to the rhythm, and play so effortlessly in funny clothing? John Paul Jones shows you how to wear princely garbs and a Dolly Parton hair-do and still be THE MAN!

    [edited to add] Oh, jeepers, and Queen, Live at Wembley! Man, what a guy. If you can't learn something from the way John brings it on all over the neck, you've got issues. Too bad he's not touring with the rest of the band.

    4-string heroes!
  18. I've wondered how he does that myself....?
  19. Razor


    Sep 22, 2002
    Boozed, Broozed, and Broken-Boned (BLS live in Detroit) Trujillo is a monster!!!

    Rush/Rio (Rush) Geddy...nuff' said

    Unplugged (Alice In Chains) Inez is very tasty with his Guild A/E

    Never Say Die (Black Sabbath) Geezer...broke the mold after him...simply amazing chops.