Why do people like heavy Metal when all it does is put me sleep?

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  1. CaribooBass


    Nov 30, 2017
    It has come to my attention that a lot of Bass players here on T.B play Heavy Metal or some version of it; my question is why ?

    Before we do let’s come to an understand something, I do not hate at all in my life but when it comes to Metal music I just do not get it.

    Jazz/blues, Classical and Metal are three of the most theory intensive genres of Music.
    I have great respect for all who play music and it is all of you I am asking this simple question,

    help me understand the appeal of Metal music!


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  3. Michedelic

    Michedelic MId-Century Modern

    So, you’ve never been a pissed-off, disenfranchised teenager? Or I should say, you’ve never been a teenager?
  4. And you haven't grown emotionally or musically since then?
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  5. Like everything else in life, I’ve done it backwards. I was the teenager who listened to mainly classical music, and I didn’t discover metal until I was in my 30s. Now it’s the majority of what I listen to.

    I don’t play it, due to the fact that I’m not good enough yet.

    I’ve never tried to parse out exactly why I like it so much, so that’s a good question. I never got into jazz, hip-hop/rap, or RnB, because I don’t get them. I’m not on the same wavelength. I can respect the talent and skill in much of it, but don’t enjoy it. My introduction to metal was “The Human Equation” by Ayreon back when I was studying music. Before that I had always hated harsh vocals, but listening to that album, it clicked. I started to get the emotion/feeling behind it, and I love the power, the bombast, and the big world of sounds in the genre. Having said that, there is a ton of variety within metal, and there are a lot of sub-genres I don’t really appreciate.
  6. Michedelic

    Michedelic MId-Century Modern

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  7. lokikallas

    lokikallas Supporting Member

    Aug 15, 2010
    los angeles
    The appeal to me is the feeling of connection to the music. Just like any style. I can't get into country because it doesn't speak to me. The twisted, yet intricate harmonies and sarcastically sneered lyrics just do it for me. Don't get me wrong, metal heads are most critical of their own, I can name a ton of popular metal bands I think suck very much. For example, I love some old school death metal, but I can't take any black metal seriously. It's not for me. Yet, I love me some experimental prog metal like Protest The Hero, just as much as simplistic riffage of Bolt Thrower.
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    MYLOWFREQ Supporting Member

    May 13, 2011
    I'm the opposite. I hated music until I was introduced to metal. Then I was a strict metalhead for years, and only after that I started appreciating other genres.

    The "study" tells most people who like 'Creep' from Radiohead were 14 when it was first released in '93. I was 14 in '93 but never liked the Radiohead.
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  10. TNCreature

    TNCreature Jinkies! Supporting Member

    Jan 25, 2010
    Philadelphia Burbs
    Ohboy... Really, OP?
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  11. Killing Floor

    Killing Floor Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2020
    Austin, TX
    Best bed for metal?
  12. J Wilson

    J Wilson

    Apr 22, 2022
    An Undisclosed Location
    For me, metal is like any other style of music. If it's great players and good tunes/arrangements, I'm there.

    And there is some SERIOUS bass playing under some of it. I remember an online review of Fender's Steve Harris Signature Precision Bass: The reviewer knew about Maiden vaguely, but thought, to be fair, he should listen up and get a little schooled in their thing, probably thinking it was just a bunch of fast 16 notes. As he wood-shedded some of their tunes, he was stunned at how serious Harris' parts were, and he had to run to catch the bus, so to speak, to get the parts under his hands.

    Like most other styles of music, there's stuff I like, and then the rest of it . . . .
  13. Killing Floor

    Killing Floor Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2020
    Austin, TX
    Also everyone doesn’t need to like the same music. There’s no best.
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  14. oranje

    oranje Living Deliciously Supporting Member

    Feb 1, 2010
    San Diego
    Just listen to Slayer’s “decade of aggression” while driving in LA traffic and you will get it.
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  15. Low8

    Low8 Supporting Member

    Mar 30, 2014
    I love a super-wide array of music styles. While I no longer care to listen to many of the rock, county and new wave I enjoyed years ago, I still love turning up the volume on Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Testament, Metallica, Slayer and many more.

    For me, there's simply an intensity with metal music that most other genres can't touch... and when I'm in the mood, nothing else will do.

    Also, it may be a live thing -- having seen many of these bands in concert, I gotta say metal's live vibe is incredibly strong. I've seen so many of the tops from rock, country, jazz and hip-hop... and with very few exceptions, the presence and strength in a live setting pales in comparison to the best metal shows I've seen. It's tribal with metal -- the greats simply motivate their fans to run through walls for them.
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  16. CaribooBass


    Nov 30, 2017
    You said that metal has many varieties I was not aware of that or how it is broken down.
    I listened to Human equation and I can see why you like it. Thanks for revealing something new for me to listen to, and is it not more Hard Rock, say like Trans Siberian Orchestra ?
    So Hard Rock is sort of “Metal Lite”?

    Lokikallas you said it right some music just does not speak to us.With that being said it seems to be talking to me more now.

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  17. Low8

    Low8 Supporting Member

    Mar 30, 2014
    As much as I love AC/DC, The Scorpions, Motley Crue, Badlands and Ozzy -- not metal in my book.

    The majority of the 90s hair band groups are hard rock, not metal.

  18. TyBo


    Dec 12, 2014
    Nonsense. I still like a lot of the stuff from my teen years but I've always looked to see what else is out there. A lot of my fave music comes from after teen years ... or before. I don't imagine I'm alone in this. I expect there are also a lot of people who do fit in with the study's conclusion. Doubt that it's as universal as implied.
  19. Andsvara


    Aug 9, 2021
    This thread is like explaining a joke.
  20. TyBo


    Dec 12, 2014
    What, heavy metal's a joke to you? Does it amuse you? ... :)
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