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Will this work? Minimal effect chain for enhancing fingerstyle tone.

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by kr0n, Oct 28, 2018.

  1. kr0n


    Feb 4, 2009
    Budget: 500-1000$/€ all together, cables, wires and stuff.
    Bass: Warwick Dolphin Pro II with active 9V preamp, MEC pickups, sounds pretty with everything set to center.
    Strings: Currently Optima Golds, Standard tuning, pretty upper harmonics
    Amp: Hartke LH500
    Cabs: Pair of Laney 15" neodymium.
    Current effects: Darkglass Vintage Deluxe, this functions as my primary EQ and optionally dirt. This is a recent buy, so I'm still experimenting with it. Also, I plan to use this as my DI output when playing at (home) studio, as last in the chain.

    I like playing with fairly soft touch low action, occasionally digging a bit more with minimal fret buzz if any. I like bouncing the string in my fingers.

    My plan of action was to introduce tuner, compression, power supply and maybe chorus/reverb. What I'm looking for is to enable varieties of playing styles from soft arpeggio/chord stuff to "digging in" with a song, without pressing pedals or turning knobs. In other words, automatically controlled volume while controlling tone with plucking hand force & technique together with enhancements from other pedals. Nothing drastic.

    From tuner I expect transparency, ease of use, speed. Current candidate is Boss TU-3.

    From compression I expect, again transparency, zero artifacts, complimenting the tone of bass and my style. Current candidate is Keeley Bassist.

    Chorus/delay/reverb thing is still under consideration. Suggestions are welcome.

    I also want power supply for all of these, hooked together in a pedalboard/bag/case of some sort to carry these around and easily to hook it up to practice/home with single input jack, one power outlet, maybe even hook the amp to the same power outlet.

    My current thinking goes like this:
    I need powersupply for 4 effects. Pedals should have same style of power input jack (-negative in middle). PSU should be quiet. I believe power consumption should not be an issue. It should fit in the pedal holding apparatus. Recommendations?

    Pedalboard/case/bag should be functional. If I need more room, I'll buy a new one. Portability.

    Planned chain would be:
    Tuner -> Compression -> Chorus -> Vintage Deluxe as DI/jack output/EQ/dirt.
    If chorus before Vintage Deluxe dirt prove to be awful, I'm forced to buy dedicated DI output box or drag amp around.

    Reasoning would be that compression complements my tone and levels it out for Chorus/Dirt and they should function more stably with less dynamic variance which affects when the dirt kicks in.

    I think compression and power supply should get biggest slice of the budget. Right?

    Is this a decent plan of action or am I going about this all wrong? Critique is welcome.

    Sorry for the long read, hope I made myself clear. I'll update post when I get more information and might supply a reference sample of tone and style.
  2. TheEmptyCell

    TheEmptyCell Bearded Dingwall Enthusiast Banned

    Pedaltrain Nano+ for the board and bag
    TrueTone CS6 for power

    Whatever tuner you want

    The Keeley is a well regarded compressor/limiter, but I’m really liking the Broughton Apex for super clean compression

    I don’t really use chorus, but there are tons out there that are well reviewed

    If you have to get a DI box, the Samson Pro units are similar to a Radial but way cheaper.

    I’d carry a surge protector/power strip with me for when you want to hookup your amp and board to a single outlet. One extra fuse between your fear and power problems is worth the extra carry.

    EBS flat patch cables are great IMO

    Always check the used market for these things for maximized good deals.
  3. 40Hz

    40Hz Supporting Member

    Your tastes and playing style is very close to my own.

    My usual signal chain uses a:
    • Sonic Research ST-300 tuner (I prefer strobe type tuners)
    • Keeley Bassist compressor (Just works. No more need be said IMO.)
    • Barber Linden EQ (A Baxandall design with some really good extra tone sculpting features that let you get at those elusive mid tones that are hard or impossible to get with the EQ stages found on many amps. I’m all about the mids.)
    • Broughton HPF (Clean and effective mud remover.)
    If I need additional fullness in a dry room I’ll occasionally add a little delay via a Catalinbread Montevillian Echo set to a very minimal setting so there’s the tiniest hint of slapback to provide some room ambience.

    I don’t generally like chorus effects (or modulation in general) on bass. That said, I’ll sometimes employ a hint of phase shifting or (very rarely) a “detuner” or overtone type effect such as a BOSS MO-2 or a DigiTech Luxe to get a little chewier texture for a certain project or song. But that happens seldom enough to make it a banner day for me when I do. And the settings I use with virtually any effect pedal I’m plugged into are all are so minimal you’d need to switch them out to notice what they're doing at all.

    Less is more. I still prefer to coax tones out of a bass by using a set of decent rounds and varying my hand technique.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2018

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