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    Noise introduce when preamp engaged no matter what kind of outboard gears I'm using.
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    I recently got a new SLB300 and I’d say I can definitely hear some floor noise when the mic simulations are engaged. It’s much more noticeable through my headphone amp than it is through my amp. Whether this will be a practical problem for me remains to be seen.

    I’ve used it on one performance so far, a 500ish cap club gig with quality sound system. I only use the Yamaha’s built in electronics for arco on this gig, but my bandmate commented on how great the bowed sound was when I was warming up. I didn’t hear and him coming through the monitor, and the sound person didn’t comment on any hum.

    I also used it for a recording session where the primary sound was my magnetic pickup, but I also sent a line from the Yamaha’s internal electronics for an experiment and to have something to potentially blend. The engineer didn’t comment on any intrusive hum, but I’ll be sure to listen back to those tracks isolated and see if I can hear anything overly noisy.
  3. I meant: with the SLB preamp disengaged, and cranking the Avalon to get the same relative level as heard on the first part of the clip, do you have some hiss/noise?
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    Aug 3, 2000
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    no, noise level is significant drop whenever the preamp disengage and use the piezo only. Thanks.
    I can always disengage the pre but it becomes pointless like what I stated in the post, part of the reasons I purchased the slb300 is because of their pre. :(
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    What if find uniquely different is that unlike bass guitar pre’s turning down the volume on the SLB actually doesn’t reduce the noise floor as well. In other words, the noise floor stays constant but the signal decreases. So I keep the volume at max because turning down the volume and turning up any input gain results in more noise.

    When is max out the volume I find the noise level acceptable an in fact no greater than a quality bass guitar onboard pre (as compared to my Audere set flat)

    I can see how this would be an issue and not possible to do if your preamp has no attenuator and clips unless you turn the SLB’s volume down.
  6. Eric Swanson

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    Update is a very happy ending.

    After Yamaha happily replaced the instrument with the bowed neck, I took it to an profoundly able, creative, and resourceful Boston bass luthier Gian Pangaro Studio Pangaro — String Instrument Repair, Restoration, and Design

    Gian did a wonderfully-thoughtful setup that replicates the string length, string spacing, feel, and curves of my DB. Now when I go from instrument to instrument, all the notes are in the same places. The instrument play and feel the same.

    He skillfully:
    - Extended the bridge well to create the same string length as I have on my DB, then painted the well black; happily the "D" orientation still works well at the neck heel
    - Added a Saddle Rider endpin socket (the stock socket didn't have enough support to have the endpin out as far as I need it for my tallness)
    - Made a custom-milled and blackened steel plate to support the endpin socket and hold the bass together at that high-stress area
    - Changed the string spacing to the 1-1/16" I like and increased the curve of the bridge to facilitate bowing
    - Re-dressed the rosewood fingerboard to be a bit rounder from side to side and a bit flatter end to end for easier playing
    - Filed the nut so the lowest positions work much easier

    I added a new steel tube from Online Metals (aluminum was flexing too much) OnlineMetals.com® | Buy Metal and Plastics at Online Metals | OnlineMetals.com®, blackened it with steel blackener from Jax Chemical JAX Iron, Steel and Nickel Blackener - JAX Chemical Company, and epoxied on a New Harmony tip/ball combination Bass Tips – New Harmony Music Bass Balls – New Harmony Music

    I still have to make a collapsible lower bout for my left knee, while standing. That will take some head scratching.

    But for now, I couldn't be happier. When I close my eyes and play, it feels like my DB.

    Many thanks to Yamaha's customer service and Gian Pangaro! Great work by both, from start to finish!

    I feel very lucky . . . Closeup of moved bridge.JPG Extended string length, moved bridge.jpg Closeup of moved bridge.JPG Extended string length, moved bridge.jpg Lower strings, more curve on bridge.jpg New Saddle Rider endpin socket, longer steel tube, New Harmony tip.jpg Overall, ready to play.jpg Re-curved bridge with 1.0625" string spacing.jpg Rib extension.jpg Saddle Rider endpin socket w custom-made steel plate.jpg
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    Aug 3, 2000
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    Owner: Uni••Sound Endorsing Artist: Sadowsky Guitars, Olinto Bass, LaBella Strings
    Would you mind how much this service costs you? Thanks!
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    Very nice!
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    The tuner for the A string on my SLB300 took a hit. It is bent, but it still operates. It still seems quite sturdy. I expect I can leave it alone, but if the day comes when it must be replaced, what can I use as a replacement?


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  11. bradd


    Jan 27, 2008
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    I'd find someone who could straighten and solder the key.
  12. Neon Scribe

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    No, it's definitely better to leave well enough alone. Bending it back could only shorten its life.
  13. Wasnex


    Dec 25, 2011
    I believe the Yamaha P/Ns for the tuners can be found in this thread: What replacement tuners for a Yamaha SLB200?

    Here are the P/Ns

    The thread also points references for other tuners that may work.

    I suggest ordering a new part, and possibly some spares. I don't know about how well Yamaha support currently is. Based on my experience long ago, it may take a while.

    Looks like you may need to create an account (click on the link titled "US Consumers" at the top of this page: Yamaha (yamaha24x7.com)

    Also, from the bottom of this page: Ordering Parts and Manuals - Yamaha - United States

    "In order to use the Yamaha 24x7 parts order website, you will need to know the Yamaha part number(s) you would like to order. If you do not know your part number(s), please contact us for assistance by dialing (888) 892-6242, Monday through Friday, from 7:30AM - 5:00PM Pacific Time (closed 12PM - 1PM)."

    Good Luck!
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    You can call Yamaha and get a direct replacement.

    if you scroll back a few pages in this thread some did a pretty cool machine upgrade that looked really nice with some aftermarket machines.
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    I've done it on several occasions. What's the worst that can happen? It needs to be replaced? Well, leaving it as it is isn't going to last long either.
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    That was me. Still loving my upgrade, btw.
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  17. BucketOfFish


    Mar 17, 2014
    two different models of the 300. ebony on the PRO and rosewood on the other, also curly maple on the pro neck. see "specs" on the site.
  18. Hasty


    Jul 4, 2014
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    I believe that post predates the announcement and release of the Pro model.
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    What strings are y’all using on your Silent Basses? Has anyone experimented with Evahs?

    I recently tried a really dead set (think like 4 years old with a hundred on-offs) of Evah Weich on my Yamaha SLB300. Huge upgrade in sound and feel on this bass from the Perpetuals I started out with (didn’t have the stock helicore light strings on long enough to get an impression, other than they felt very similar to the perps.) The perps started out VERY bright and were honky in the transition area at first. They seemed to have a lot of clankiness and unpleasant finger noise. This got better as they broke in and the bass sounded good, but there was some inherit thinness/hollowness/clank to the sound, particularly in thumb position. I tried the stark D+G too and that didn’t help.

    I think the darker, thicker nature of the Evahs really brings out something good on the bass and provides a good fundamental along with some pleasant sustain and good pitch definition. They don’t feel too tight on my bass, either. About the same as the perps with the Stark D+G tension-wise. I’ve been impressed enough to order a new set, and I’m excited to break them in from the beginning on this bass.
  20. Martin Spure

    Martin Spure

    Feb 4, 2020
    I have an MK Studio EUB, which in many ways are (almost) similar to the Yamaha’s and I use Evah Medium/Mittel and I have the same experience as you. They’re really great for EUB and gives me a nice ‘Thump’ in the attack and a quite short decay. Tension wise they might feel just a tad tight, so my next set will be Evah Weichs, which I also have on my DB.

    For an even thumpier/short decay/old school sound, something like the Ninomute (or you could DIY a similar contraption with some sleeping mat foam, see below) is quite effective.