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Yorkville 400 Head: Brampton, ON

Discussion in 'Lost & Stolen Gear' started by FreeSpirit, Jul 13, 2004.

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    At a show a few weekends ago, my bass head was stolen. It was/is nothign special, a yorkville 400. i was wondering what type of actions i can take against the person who might of taken it to.

    This happened because i decidded i could trust this band with my head, because the bass player had his own cabinet. so i gave it to them, then waited a few days, no call, no nothing. i started to get worried, so i called aorund and no one seemend to know where it is. i finially got a hold of the bass player. he told me that they forgot it at the gig. so i went back to the church to try to get it/find it but it wasn't there.

    yesterday i filed a lost/stolen property form with the police near my house. aswell i've talked to this bass player aswell about him paying me for the head or getting me a new one of the same or greater value. but he says its not his fault, and he doen't think he should have to pay for it since he can't.

    so what i'm trying to ask is what can i do legally, or using the law to get this guy to pay me for the head. its approximent value new is 800$ and used they go for about 650$ around here.

    Any advice would help. aswell if i posted this in the wrong section sorry.

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