Zon Sonus Custom - Loose Tuner / Hipshot Options

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    Apr 11, 2011
    image.jpg T Hey all,

    So was changing strings on my basses, and I noticed that the D tuner on my Zon Sonus Custom was too “loose” - Usually its just the button and a Phillips screwdriver would settle it, but I think this has something to do with what seems to be a missing section/post/spacer (I don’t know they’re called) that’s present on all the other functioning tuners.

    Does anyone know what tuners these are? It’s been a long time, but I’m think Gotoh maybe?

    I’m taking the pickups and electronics of this one in favour of a “Wal wired” pickup set and with the same sort of filter based preamp. This isn’t gonna happen till maybe June so until then, I’ve been thinking of using Hipshot tuners - not necessarily in place of all the stock ones (I think Michael Manring posted something to the effect of Joe Navin to modify his so the levers cleared the tuner housings.

    I definitely want to use a suitable extender, with the double-stop option (E, drop D, Drop C).

    So to sum it up, which Hipshot extender (if any) is the correct model? Also, in the event that it can’t be fixed, should I replace just that one Wonky tuner (which brand/type would be a match?) - or - should I get the others all changed out for Hipshots?

    Oh and the fact that this bass is over 10 years old as well as its aerodynamics and having the accidental “why is the last flight of y\stairs longer than the oneWHOANONONONO” - this and more and it still works. Really - if only you knew....

    Does Joe still take Custom orders? I remember this dude here (this was again a decade or so?) but he had a Fretless Custom Sonus with the Hyperbass cutawa. In between this bass and that, i’d Be set. Which is not true, no... but who knows... is this was turning 43 is like or did the Apnus het me in the head again? Gave me superpowers so I’m not complaining (which basically amounts to that*)


    This is the last bit. I’ve been using DR HighBeems (in this case 100-40) and there’s the instruction to crimp it if you’re at a certain area and you wish to cut it there - I’m not totally clear about this. Long story short (sorry) I primarily play with a pick, Nd I love the feel Nd sound of that attack.

    There are only 2 reasons I have to use these - I’ve tried others and that brightness just goes dull, really quick. I wouldn’t be toatlly surprised if all the while I’m stringing my basses wrong. Anyway - is there a “correct way” to restringing, especially given the DR flatten/crimp ritual, cos this would be me - doing this one stupid thing wrong for all these years. So man m i in need of help lol

    Anyways thank you for reading this; I realise it’s like.... little lengthy.... and that I’m not in the best shape (ie I’m sure I’m particularly awake. On any case, and as always, any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers guys

    Ps if you.need additional pics, I dunno why my device isn’t working but I hope you can see the lack of that plasic spacer things.
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    Yes, your plastic bushing is gone. You can buy new ones. Just take out the little screw, pull the button off, replace the bushing and reassemble.

    Google tuner washers.
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  3. As far as fixing it, 96tbird is correct, you’re missing the washer. Allparts used to have them but I’m not seeing the part on their new web site. I have made replacements out of plastic tubing.
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    Feb 25, 2009
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    Apr 11, 2011
    Thank you!
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    Apr 11, 2011
  7. The washers should be pretty universal for that style of tuner. Those are the ones I was trying to find on Allparts web site but it seems they recently changed it around and I couldn’t come up with the right search term. Besides it’s $6.00 and if you have any other sealed tuners like that you’ll need the washers sooner or later. Also, when you reinstall the key part the screw just needs to be slightly past snug don’t crank it down. That’s part of what ruins the washers.