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Zoom BFX 708 Problem

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by transition11, Dec 12, 2013.

  1. I’ve had a Zoom BFX 708 pedal for about 15 years. It’s a digital multi-effects pedal + tuner and drum machine. I haven’t used it very much in bands, but made good use of it for practicing on my own. Anyways, it has been pretty unreliable for a while. It started cutting in and out slightly but worked most of the time, then it got progressively worse until now it is totally dead sound-wise. The lighted numbers and letters still seem to work, but there is only a very faint mushy sound coming through.

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with this pedal and the problems I’m having. Or any idea if it can fixed. Any tips would be appreciated.
  2. ga_edwards


    Sep 8, 2000
    UK, Essex
    I had a similar issue with my one years ago. The problem was the surface mounted jack sockets - soldered directly onto the circuit board rather than wired to the circuit board. This, combined with a plastic case means that it flexes quite easily under normal use and cracks the joint of the socket to circuit.

    It may be possible to repair, but honestly, for something that vintage, unless it contains a specific sound that you can't get anywhere else it's simply not worth it. In fact, it would probably cost more to repair than it's actually worth.

    I would upgrade if I were you to something like the Zoom B2.1u - its spiritual successor, and vastly superior unit. Better build quality, better processor, better sounds all round.
  3. Get a Zoom B3.
  4. ga_edwards


    Sep 8, 2000
    UK, Essex
    Also a good suggestion, providing you don't want to use more than 3 effects at once. I hope Zoom release a firmware update that brings it into line with the guitar version and lets you have up to 6 effects at once.

    I might get one if that happens.
  5. Thanks for your responses. Ga-edwards you confirmed what I was thinking, that it wouldn’t be worth repairing and I think I am just going to move on. There seems to be a lot of people who like the B3 but I was thinking of maybe going the single effect route. Lately, I’ve been hankering for a flanger, the boss one seems really cool and well recommended. Anyone have an opinion on the B3’s flanger?
  6. IMO everything on the Zoom is pretty good except the dirt, which is not terrible but it just doesn't feel the same as separate pedals. There are 3 different flangers on the Zoom they all sound pretty nice. I would get a B3 and a fuzz, overdrive, or distortion(depends on what you like maybe you like all three, maybe you don't like dirt at all)if I was in your shoes.