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    Toulouse, France – If you are a bass or a guitar player who likes to play low or to pile up fuzzes and octavers, you sometimes might ear that your speakers can't handle well the low part of the audio spectrum. You may actually see your speakers make deep and slow back and forth movements. It could result in a loss of precision and your sound gets somewhat muddy.

    Küth is here to help with this. It removes all inaudible frequencies under the subs and minimize parasitic movements of your speakers.

    To carry out his mission, Küth is made of two 2nd order low cut filters in series, both with a -12dB/Oct slope. The first one has a fixed cutoff at 20Hz. The second filter has a variable frequency between 20Hz and 100Hz which is set with the potentiometer.

    It features:

    • Small footprint.

    • Always on pedal.

      Glorious Basstar page on Zorg Effects:

      See the Küth demo video for bass:

      Küth is available mounted and will be available later as a kit. Retail price is 90€ mounted and is available at www.zorgeffects.com only. Shipping worldwide.

      Zorg Effects handcrafts boutique pedals in France and is committing to high quality, accessibility, education and DIY.


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    looks good to me!
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    Does exactly what thumpinator does?
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