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2 band offers in 1 week

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by heath_the_great, Aug 23, 2004.

  1. well hello, i am kinda up myself with happiness at the moment, just this week ive had 2 offers (which im both taking) both cover bands, with origionals coming up, ones all RHCP/INCUBUS/LIMP BISCUIT kinda stuff then the others a STEVE VAI/JOE SATRIANI + others cover band and origional with 3 guitarists :D , the first one was reccomended to me by my local store and the seccond one is two of my guitarist friends and their teacher.....im stoked
  2. I dont know how that Green Kubicki would look in a band that cover stuff after the 80's!!


    nawh im just kiddin man.. good stuff heath! :hyper:
  3. wulf


    Apr 11, 2002
    Oxford, UK
    I find that's often the way with bands - you spend ages looking for opportunities and suddenly you get a glut. You're certainly likely to have your work cut out for the next few weeks! :D

  4. well its not definate on the first one, but the main guy dropped in today to just have a talk and when he asked to see me play he had his eyes closed and was bopping away within secconds and pretty much said yes, youre in...then followed but you'll have to meet the rest of the guys so thats gonna happen on friday, i was told the drummer is full pro, has his own studio and industry contacts and everything, but he said you'll have to learn 6 songs for friday and they were:

    suck my kiss
    under the bridge
    anti gravity love song
    that incubus song that the chorus goes "whatever tomoro brings...."
    a limp bisuit song
    and are you gonna go my way

    they're getting into all james brown stuff too plus i get to choose a few songs and they wanna do alot of chili peppers song and a few primus ones in the future :D

    but i just got home from a meeting from the seccond band and ive gotta learn:

    mystical potatoe head groove thing
    time machine

    for saturday, plus i got them to play stu hamms count zero :D

    so im real happy, plus its a break from accompanying student for exams..but its good, the first band are aiming for gigs in about 2 months....and hopefully i will have brought my old 15" cab which kinda imploded back to life and be running 2 15" cabs :D "wheres that drool emoticon"?
  5. Yeah, mate, should be kids stuff for you eh' ;). Thats pretty much stock standard for aust cover band anyways. Hope you don't plan on playing joe satch and Stu hamm at a COvers pub gig........ it will be Bye, bye birdie champ...... The meat pie mallisha want their 'sweet home' and 'tainted love' and the run of ye mill fu fu kucka.
  6. bassJ725


    Jul 7, 2004
    Thats pretty sweet. I have never gotten 2 offers in one week but ive gotten alotta offers from stoned guys does that count? ;)
  7. man, had a jam with the funk band on friday night, was awsome, mind you the rest of the guys are twice my age :p , but the drummer is god damned good, with a $25,000(aus) roland v-drums setup he'd wanna be good...but its awesome, were gonna start with covers and onstage jam sessions, not to mention some parliament and james brown songs :D ...

    it was different than anybody else ive jammed with, they're like "man, just do what you want, this bands is revolving around you, feel free to just spice it up whenever you want"...cant wait to start giggin
  8. Mate for $25,000 V-drumset up? He must have a 20 piece v-drum kit to cost that much, or he got serverley ripped off. Our drummer is looking into getting a v-drum 5 piece, for that and the brain is $6000 R.R.P (around that). For $25000, that must be one hell of a huge kit.
  9. oh yeah its one hell of a kit, its even got the skinned drums, and the hit hat is actually 2 pads that connect like normal hi hats, its an awsome kit, ill try and get a pic, i also saw his studio, 6 computers, about 20 different rack things, a bbe bass 383? (from memory) bass preamp...but the kit is huge, i got no idea how we're gonna get it to and from gigs...but it sounds awsome
  10. [​IMG]
    add about 2 extra pads and 4 more cymbols and you're getting close, oh, also add a PA :p
  11. Very nice.
    The v-drums are choice.