3 pickup wiring 3 way switch + 2 Vols vs 6 rotary switch

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  1. DangaDanga


    Mar 26, 2014
    I'm thinking of adding a third pickup to my bass but wanted to get some expert opinions on wiring for it. Currently my bass has two pickups, a threeway switch, master volume and a preamp.

    Would it be more efficient if I added a middle pickup with it's own volume or put in a 6 way rotary switch for all three pickups and use one volume pot?

    My idea is to use the middle pickup with it's own volume for a on/off kind of deal like a jazz bass before it goes to the preamp but my worry is if it will cause signal/tone loss on either chain.

    Any input you guys can give me would be awesome!
  2. What kind of pickups? I wired a 3 pickup bass for Overture guitars several years ago that was a J/P/J configuration. We used 2 blend pots one was to blend the 2 Jazz pickups and the other was ro blend the P pickup with the Jazz set. With this setup, you can have any combination of the 3 on at any given time. Just remember to wire the middle pickup backwards or it'll be out of phase with the others and sound really thin.
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