Adding passive tone to Flexcore

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  1. tas236


    Apr 28, 2012
    Arlington, VA
    Hi guys,

    I've emailed Mike Pope about this and haven't gotten a response, so I figured I'd float the idea by you fine gentlemen:

    I've got a Flexcore preamp in my Ibanez Prestige bass. Great sound -- fantastic value. I've been playing some passive basses with tone knobs lately and I really do like the functionality of the tone knob, so I'm contemplating adding one to my setup. Currently I have it as volume, balance, bass, lo mid, hi mid, treble.

    Pope's website says the way to go is to stack volume and tone. I'd rather stack tone on top of balance. Anyone know if this is possible? It should be, given that balance is also a passive process along with tone. Any luthiers or electronics experts have an idea? Thanks!
  2. It's not possible, unless you can find a custom triple-ganged concentric pot. You can certainly stack a tone control on any of the other controls you listed, however. Usually, tone controls get stacked onto other controls that have only a single ganged pot.