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Am I doing the setup on my Spector Legend correctly?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by ImTheARSonist, May 20, 2011.

  1. ImTheARSonist


    May 17, 2011
    I've been searching all over the place looking for a good demo of someone doing a CORRECT setup of a Spector bass. They have some pretty weird bridges and I haven't been able to find a specific Spector one, not even on Spector's website.

    This one on Spector World was the closest I got and it doesn't even address they're bridge design, just typical setup skills and practices(which I already know). I don't exactly see where these "saddle locks" on either side of bridge seem to play a role, they literally seem to hold nothing in place. And I don't get how the back saddle adjustment places a role in string height when have to have that angle in place.

    I can setup up guitars just fine, but I'm getting a bit weary of how high the post have to be raised on this bass to get the Low B string at a tolerable level. I tried holding the frets at the 2nd and 12th fret(as that post recommended, I've never done that test) and the strings are basically touching the frets(which I thought was normal when fretting in two spots honestly). I'm trying to get the intonation and everything correct before I change strings, but this fret buzz/string noise are killing me! lol. The neck looks very straight upon inspection. The action on this thing was pretty high when I bought it, so I'm trying to get it nice and low without having it sound like I'm tuned in Drop F or something. I'm playing it in standard 5 string tuning.

    Edit: I just realized there is a more specific section for this, so a Mod can move this over there. I'm sorry, I'm still a noob!

    If someone can PLEASE shoot me a good video, it would mean the world to me! I've hit up Youtube, Google, and these forums with little luck. Thanks for ANY input!
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