Another 'Which pickup to use?' thread

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  1. Hi all, I recent found a nice old'ish Magnum Stingray copy in a 2nd handstore. It has a great body and neck however everything else needs work, so i thought it would be a great 1st project bass for $180.

    The only thing is i have never seen a pickup like the one in this thing, imagine 2 J pickups right next to each other. Is there a replacement available or will i have to rewind this one? or make my own?

    Edit: Also i was thinking about a Basslines P-pickup for my RBX260? (early model with single EMG style P-pickup)
  2. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    Short of re-routing you're stuck with what the bass allows. The 2J pickup is called exactly that, a double J. There are few options, most of which I think have been discontinued but seems Rio Grande (powerbucker think it's called) still makes one and there's a low end brand for sale on ebay regularly. There's probably a few other out there I'm can't remember or not aware. Delano might make one.

    Schaller made one that was used in Kramer basses of which a dozen or so were sold on ebay about 6 months ago and I bought one. Unusual pup in that it's looks like a pair of model J's side by side (a pair of split hb's with 8 leads) so it offers the ultimate flexibility in wiring options. Has a kind of vintage Fender tone to it as well. There have been a number of posts on the Schaller, one in particular had some pretty extensive exploration on wiring/switching schemes with diagrams

    Alternatively you might be able to shave the tower's off one side of a pair of J's and make it work and appear passable but you're either trashing the pup or cover in the process if it doesn't.

    P pups are pretty much P pups in terms of dimensions, there's a little variation in their dimensions perimeter wise but I've never had one not drop into a routing.