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Antique or Vintage style Bass Bow Cases??

Discussion in 'Bows and Rosin [DB]' started by MattyBass, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. Did a quick search and didn't find anything,
    please direct me to the thread if this has been covered..
    I'm looking for the counterpart for my amazing french bow.

    I have a certain love for bow cases..
    A friend of mine has a bunch of great older bass bow cases which
    have a certain lore and strange appeal about them, and I'm just wondering
    if anyone makes older style bow cases or if there is any good resources for used ones.

    I've searched the shops online and no one seems to be listing any online.
    I'm sure I could call all the little and big shops,
    but wanted to see if you gents had any Ideas..?
    I'm not looking to spend a ton.
    Even ones from the 70's are designed more eloquently and mysteriously..
    All these new cases just aren't doing it for me..
    I'm sure they have their advantages and are probably better padded and safer,
    But something about these older bow cases really gets me.

    I'd like to open this thread up to any talk of cool or older cases,
    Or pics of cases would be awesome as well.

  2. Rob Thompson

    Rob Thompson Supporting Member

    I know how you feel. I borrowed for a while an italian bow case from the 70's with snaps and leather exterior; it was hip. Nobody makes them like that any more.

    Since it's basically a plywood box with lining, maybe a local craftsman (somebody who makes jewelry boxes or somesuch) could make one for you according to some design you have in mind.
  3. Good Suggestion Crowmeng..
    That case sounds cool..:cool: any pics?

    I'm planning on being in LA on Sat, (for a little bassday)..
    with a fellow DB'er and were gonna be hittin a few DB spots..
    LA Bassworks, Lemur, etc.. gonna pickup some assorted gear
    strings, rosin, etc.. maybe something else?? :)
    Gonna Peruse and see if there is any hip old cases as well.

    I have next week off, so I'm checkin out local shops here in SD as well. Hammond Ashley, Classic Bows etc..
    Finally some time off, when my back account is not empty.
    But being in all these shops it probably won't last..;)

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