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Anyone tried a LMII with an EA 410?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by petersland, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. Unfortunately I cannot try before I buy.
    I've just sold my Epi UL212 S2 cause it wasn't me. Didn't cut through at rehearsal.
    I'm still using my 8ohm Laney 410 cab which sounds OK, I just need more oomph.
    Maybe a really good single 410 or 2 x 410's or 410 and 210????
    I'm interested in the EA due to reputation.
    All comments appreciated.
  2. Brad Johnson

    Brad Johnson

    Mar 8, 2000
    Gaithersburg, Md
    DR Strings

    I ran mine with my pair of (notoriously power hungry) VL210 cabs and was completely surprised at how easily it pushed them. I guess it all depends on how loud you'll need to go. pretty sure the 410 is more efficient. My LMII also lights up my VL208/VL110 stack pretty easily.
  3. Not sure on the EA NM410 but I know the Bergantino AE410 sounds great with the LMII and this is going to be my back up amp to my Glockenklang Heart Rock.

    I've auditioned the NM410 and for sure they are very BIG sounding and a LOUD 410 cab. Seemed a lot more flatter and even accross the spectrum. But the AE410 definitely had the "attitude" I was looking for and really suits the LMII.
  4. I would not recommend that at all. The EA410 is only available in 8ohm version, and the LMII is not very impressive, even with a small cab, at 8ohm operation.

    Per Brad's point, the LMII could probably drive two EA410's nicely, since it would be running at full power. It's not about the amount of watts going into the cab, but getting the LMII running full power so that the peak signals aren't compressed (I assume by the power amp limiting). It's a little counter-intuative. The LMII is one of the most impressive amps I've encountered running at 4ohms. It's just 'OK' at 8.

    Per the above, I would HIGHLY recommend the Bergantino AE410 as a single cab solution for the LMII, especially if you felt the Epi212UL was too polite and somewhat scooped in the mids.

  5. Sorry Ken, you've lost me here. I use my LM2 with an EA cxl 112 about 70% of the time (into 8 ohms) with a corporate band I play with. They are a very lound band. Lounder than many salsa and rock bands I've played with. The LM2 has always been great. Sure, you have to turn it up louder, but it still has the same response. I've never encountered it "compressing"
    We usually hear things fairly similarly. Can you expand on this? Maybe I'm just missing what you mean.
  6. It's only when pushed and played aggressively (like slap style). A number of TBers have reported on this. I don't think it's particularly the LMII versus just playing loud with a low powered amp. I do notice it though. It's not a volume thing at all, versus just a 'clamping' in the deep lows and especially the top end when really digging in and especially slapping. It surely doesn't sound 'bad', and with a single 112, it's less of an issue. However, I wouldn't suggest buying a very large, high power handling 410 and then run the LMII at 270 watts or whatever into 8ohms. There are plenty of efficient, small, lightweight 4ohm cabs (or small 8ohm cabs x 2) that IMO and IME would do a better job.

    My buddy B String, who was the first to report this issue, attributes it the the power limiter kicking in at the peaks when the lower power MB heads are run hard at 8ohms. I again hear none of this when they are running full power into 4ohms.

    It's surely not a major deal, unless again your technique results in some strong peaks IMO!
  7. I get it. That gig doesn't require gratuitous slapping so I haven't had it clamp down.
    I second the recommendation of the Berg AE410. One of the best cabs I've played through. There is one on my future!
  8. +1 It's not a major issue, but I do hear it even when digging in a bit on the E string, etc. That Cxl is one heck of a loud 112 also, which probably helps things at 8ohms.
  9. It kicks alot of 410s butts! When I combine two it is frightening.
  10. Thanks for the advice Ken.
    You advised similarly on a previous thread of mine.
    I think I've come to realise that, with my current band, I need to move more air.
    Initially, I was thinking of my aging back when I chose the LMII and Epi 212 @ 4ohm. In theory the combo should have been perfect.
    I've now, through trials at rehearsal, realised that I can hear the LMII/250w 8 ohm Laney combo more than with the 4 ohm Epi running at a higher volume. Sounds strange but true.
    Maybe I should use 2 x Laney cabs but I would prefer to step ""up market"".
    I understand the running at full power concept into 4 ohms, I'm just scared to commit to a single cab again.
    The EA NM410 available to me is a good deal and I thought that if it wasn't enough on it's own, I at least have the chance of adding my other 8 ohm cab.

    Cheers again, Pete.
  11. Well I took the plunge and bought the EA NM-410 and gotta agree with Ken. The LMII is so so running an 8ohm load.
    But when I hook up my old Laney cab aswell - LOOKOUT!

    Truely awesome.
    The LMII is absolutely fantastic with a 4ohm load.
    I've reduced the Master down from 7/10 to 3.5/10 and the sound is huge.
    I absolutely love the the uncoloured sound from the EA cab. (Laney is a little "woolley")
    My Ric now sounds like a Ric and I have total control over the tone.
    I am now going to buy another EA NM-410.
    That'll be it GAS-wise re cabs (for a little while)


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