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  1. Hi. I have read almost every thread on this subject and there is still no clear cut answer; some TB members say it's a Fender 0-10-0, others say no. I have read the article Tombowlus posted on Bass Gear and they said " Optimal Flat " was Mid-9:00, Bass- 10:30 to 11:00 and Treb- 9:30 to 10:00. When matching those settings, I get no balls at all from the amp unless I dime the volume knob; and since there is NO gain knob, that does not work for me. I then read from member RoadRanger about the " Fender 0-10-0 " where Mid is Cut only and Bass/Treble were add to taste. When using that mindset, Cutting Mid, adding Bass/Treb, this is what I ended up at : Mid- 3:00, Bass- 12:30 to 1:00 and Treb- 10:00. I now have plenty of volume and it sounds killer! Has anyone emailed Ashdown to ask them what flat is? What settings are other members using?
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    I actually have the schematic and was able to simulate the circuit in software. Glad it worked out for you - love my CTM-30 :) . As far as "flat" goes, the Fender style tone circuit doesn't do truly flat no matter where you set the controls - probably the main reason that Ampeg dominated the bass amp market over the weirdarse EQ on the Bassman. I have no idea why Ashdown thought it was a good idea to copy a failed design - maybe they expected most of these to end up as guitar amps like the Bassmans? But as you've see you can get a great tone out of them if you get out of the "flat at noon" mindset :cool:.
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    FWIW, here's an actual measurement of an Alembic F2B I used to own:


    That's less than -1dB at 50Hz and 5KHz. Looks just like that in my LTspice model as well...
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    With this setting... what position are your switches?
  6. Mine are ALL in the up position. Although many here have stated that a run of amps were built with the switches installed incorrectly. On my amp, the Mid switch sounds meatier in the up position, the Bass switch causes a huge Mid scoop in the down position and sounds way better in the Up position, the Treb gets supper bright in the down position.
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    Yes, "all up" is where it's at :cool:.
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    That's what she said ;):hyper:
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    I LOVE my LB30.

    But she's a wonky amp. You just have to play with it and coax your sound out of it.
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