Balanced string recommendation again

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  1. Hey I been Playing the 145,107,80, 60, 45, 32 set. its seems a bit too tight for my likeing. 145 is good for my Metal but I need some for Blues. I want my string B string to be a 135(Partly Because. I have too sets laying around in my room) one dead sounding the other fairly new. Any Ideas for the 135 set?
  2. :rolleyes: Have you tried that one brand yet?
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    Well, when it comes to balanced tension there's obviously the Circle K .136 balanced tension set - I use it and it's flexible without being floppy.

    I've also looked at what gauges to use to build a balanced set of Daddarios from single strings, using their tension charts - based on a .135 B, you'd want .100, .075, .055 and .040 for the most balanced set.
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    Yes 135 100 75 55 40 28 (or 27/25)
  5. Yea... am going for Ernie ball stirngs
  6. Its ok we've all been there :p
  7. They make good guitar strings those. OOO You mean CireK strings ok yea I'll try them out. Now only one thing 5.00 for shipping those.
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    Your syntax is getting much better.
  9. Thanx! I'll bean trying my bets :p
    damn kids and there their they're music