Bass and Drums duos!

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    Feb 23, 2011
    Just recently having started up a bass/vocals and drums/vocals duo together with an old drummer friend of mine I found this list of bands/duos just consisting of a bass player and a drummer interesting (there's a couple of extra bass and drums duos mentioned in the comment section of the linked thread) :

    Here's the list from the link above copy/pasted (there's a couple of extra bass and drums duos mentioned in the comment section of the thread linked to above that I added here at the bottom of the OP list) :

    • DFA1979 - Dance punk, very abrasive and synthy

    • Lightning Bolt - noise punk, very chaotic and LOUD

    • Silent Lions - "Chill punk" (as described by the band), Hall & Oates stoner rock, very groovy yet raucous, know the bassist personally and is very chill

    • Royal Blood - Alternative rock, classic blues-tinged rock, Page loves them (yes, THE Jimmy Page)

    • Om - Rhythm section of Sleep + a [mediocre] singer, still doomy as all hell

    • Bangladeafy! - Primus meets The Fall of Troy, great math rock, groovy as hell when it needs to be

    • The Garden - Post-punk, two androgynous twin brothers making quirky tunes

    • Ruins - Japanese math rock, still getting into them but liked what I've heard, kinda esoteric at times

    • Whitey Houston - Mean punk rock, tongue-in-cheek social commentary, great groovin' riffs

    • godheadSilo - Noise rock tinged with post-rock, kinda wandering at times, but great riffage

    • Disciplina Kicme - Only heard one song off of the album, but it's also noisy and nice

    • Planets - Mathier than Bangladeafy! rock, very solid

    • HighKicks - Bass Black Keys with a better singer and rhythm section, classic vibe and FUZZ BASS

    • Big Business - Not a duo anymore, and there is some guitar added on the album, but were originally just bass + drums, stoner rock heavy-hitters

    • Geryon - Death metal, pretty sludgy but good riffage

    Also :

    - Ninja Academy - Math rock with occasional guest musicians.

    - Sabot - Math prog with a Ruins influence.

    - El Ten Eleven - Dance rock with mathy elements, bass player often uses a double neck bass/guitar, but sometimes just bass.

    - Cause for Effect - Jazzgrind. Either you dig it or you don't.

    - Japanther

    - Bell Witch

    - Clatter

    Via that list I discovered this band from Japan (sort of sounds like a Primus/Mr. Bungle/Captain Beefheart crossover/fusion :

    Anyone else here who play in a bass and drums duo?

    Mine is called "all I nil" and we do sort of progressive psychedelic stoner/doom rock.

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  2. knumbskull


    Jul 28, 2007
    Clatter are another one.

    I don’t play in one but would like to!
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    Yay Clatter! :hyper:
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    Sep 16, 2016
    The band "Year of the Cobra" should be added! Thats also another husband & wife project, where the dude plays drums, and the woman do bass/vox. Pretty cool.

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  5. Clatter

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  6. Beehoover

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  7. OOD


    Jul 29, 2009
    I’ve always wanted to play in a bass/drums duo.
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  8. Michedelic

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    Evil Beaver….

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  9. ThumpsAlot

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    How about 2 bass players and a drummer?
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  10. Timmah

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    May 19, 2011
    Falcon Arrow is another. They’re super poop heavy and the guy makes great use of a Line 6 DL4 with its double speed function. The sound is less stoner than most of the bands on here, but not quite math-rock either. Kinda like Emo, but soundscape?

    EDIT: that was supposed to say “loop heavy,” but it’s funny, so I’m keeping it.
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  11. tim gueguen

    tim gueguen

    Sep 19, 2016
    Nomeansno on certain songs.

    The Japanese bassist Kiyoshi's solo albums are just her and a drummer.

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