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Bass Mom, also his roadie :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by robinlbe, Dec 6, 2013.

  1. I am a mom of a 16 y.o. bass player. He enjoys playing his bass and enjoys orchestra. He does not take private lessons, but his orchestra teacher said he is naturally talented at the bass, is consistently in tune, and always amazes him at what he's able to do. (and let me tell you, this teacher says what he thinks - mostly negative- and if he ever dishes out praise, it's almost a miracle!! He also happens to be a bass player.)

    Anyway, we purchased our son a 1/2 size Palatino several years back. It was the only bass in the store and we knew nothing about the makers of the instruments. The store has a wonderful reputation and we have made many purchases from them (my other son's violin, my daughter's cello, and even my flute & piccolo were purchased from them in my younger days!!)

    well, the store will apply EVERY penny we paid for the 1/2 toward the 3/4 that our son is now ready for (well, actually he's been ready for some time, but we're a little slow)...
    He plays a school bass at school.

    He HATES his own personal bass and refuses to play it!! He began looking inside the school basses and found that the worst ones were also Palatino.

    Well, the store that we need to use has only one 3/4 bass in stock...Palatino. sigh.....He knows he doesn't want that one, even though he hasn't played it.

    we truly want to get him a bass he will enjoy playing....he won't major in music, but we do want him to have an instrument he will want to continue to play later on (my other two kids still play, and so do I!!).

    Because of this, we don't want to put out a bunch of money. But we're also stuck with this 1/2 bass, unless we trade it in at that store. They have offered to order us something, but we know it needs to be played first.

    Anyway, this is the reason I joined this forum....to learn more from those of you who are bass players....

    From a wind player to you, hello and thanks :)