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Bass recommendation for 10 yr old?

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by Steven Ungar, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. Viola/violin bass for my 10 yr old son
    I just joined, I'm a longtime drummer and bass player. My son has taken to bass and has a short stock and wants a full size -- he's a Beatles fan and I got him a loaner Hofner ignition (450$) and he fell in love. I checked out the similar Epiphone ($249) and while much heavier I liked the solidity of the feel and tone more. But I don't think I will change his tune, he wants a Hofner -- but maybe someone here can address pros and cons for a 1.5 year player -- and he's darn good! Thanks, steve
  2. LakeEffect


    Feb 21, 2013
    There is a Hofner club around here if you search. I would post a quick request for a comparison there, sure they may be a little biased towards the Hofher, but I haven't doubt they'd give you an honest rundown so you can make your own decision.

    Awesome you have him playing so early!
  3. Donavan


    Nov 8, 2013
    My very first bass was a squier bronco. One pickup....with 1 volume and one one control, stayed in tune awesome... runs about $150 in stores probably could find cheaper on ebay and stuff now...really great bass! Plus it is a shortscale like he'd want/need. Great bass! Hope this helps!
  4. I had a Hofner Contemporary "Beatles" bass for a while (intermediate model, up one from the Ignition) which was super-lightweight and with the shorter scale, and have played with the Epiphone equivalent only in a store. My Hofner was a great bass, and if he likes it / is comfortable with it (weight, feel, neck-dive, etc.) then go for it.

    Alternatively, the Bronco (mentioned above) and Squier Jaguar short scale are both surprisingly awesome given the price-point. I still have a Squier Jag SS; apart from replacing the strings with some flats, it's "as it came in the box", cost me all of $250 AUD (they're even cheaper in the US) and it's great fun to play, sounds great, holds its tuning, and has plenty of tonality options (two pickups, rather than the Bronco's one).

    Good luck! :)

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