BBE Opticomp vs. Opto Stomp

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  1. Martinyeomans


    Mar 4, 2012
    I play bass in a large church with a phenomenal sound system. I'm thinking about adding a compressor to my current rig which is...

    G&L L5500> Hardwire Tuner > EH Small Stone > Markbass Super Booster > House PA

    I've read good things about the BBE comps but there are at least 3 versions...

    Original Opto Stomp (w/ -15db pad)
    Newer Opto Stomp Mustache (reportedly the same minus the pad option)
    Newest Opticomp (which the website describes as the successor to the Opto Stomp)

    Based on my research the original Opto Stomp is generally better reviewed than the mustache version mostly because of the pad and reports that the original is made more solidly. Otherwise, little or no difference.

    Question: Is the new Opticomp the same pedal in a yet another box or is there really a difference?
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    Oct 17, 2005
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    Unfortunately I haven't seen any reports about the new one, and I haven't gotten one in yet myself.
  3. I believe bongomania reviewed the first two BBE Compressors. Look it up on the website called You may want to check his recommendations if you want to look beyond the compressors made by BBE.