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  1. fader_jockey


    Jun 3, 2013
    Howdy guys!

    I'm in desperate need of a 112 cab to add to my Bergantino AE410.

    My dilemma: with this cab I'm running my 99' Fender deluxe 5 jazz and my FJ4 Modulus set up for BEAD through a WT300. The cab just doesn't have it for the low end (below 44Hz) and the loss in db sucks.

    Bottom line, I have to add to this, or at least I think.

    Any 112 Berg's out there for sale or am I just missing something obvious?

    Thanks guys,
    Keep thumpin'
  2. While the AE410 is mid present, it is a KILLER cab for a 5 string bass. It goes plenty low and has great mechanical capability to pound the all important first harmonic of the B string.

    There are VERY few cabs that put out any meaningful output down to the fundamental of an open B.

    Adding a single 112 to 410 would be a strange thing to do, since the SPL of the 410 would BURY virtually any 112.

    Turn up the bass knob and be happy. IMO, that cab can handle WAY more power than you are putting into it, which might be part of the issue of your lack of happiness with the B string. Take your AE410 to a Guitar Center that has a GK MB800 or MBF800 in stock, and post back up:p
  3. As usual +1 to all above. KJ rarely gets this stuff wrong.
  4. PS If you want a TOTALLY different tone (i.e., more wide, relaxed, deeper and less bright), that is a legitimate goal of course, and in Berg-Land, two HD112's or an HD212 would get you there quite nicely. Even the CN212 has a bit more going on down low than the AE410, and is even lighter. I replaced my AE410 (which I still liked very much) with the CN212... similar punch, but a bit more true low end extension, and a bit more even in the midrange, and 10 pounds lighter and smaller with about the same max output.
  5. I'm pretty good at answering the 'soft ball' questions, but when I'm wrong, I'm usually REALLY wrong:p
  6. I won't hold my breath. ;)
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    Jun 3, 2013

    I appreciate the prompt responses. According to the specs the cab can only handle 44-15k with out loss. My problem enters here. I know that cab will handle and should handle all that have. I've rotated my WT800 through it to see if I was having an output problem. Same thing. I may just be completely dumb; I've just never had any trouble out of any of my rigs until I purchased this cab.

    It's not the tone I'm having the issue with, rather anything below the 44hz I hear the loss and as I approach closer to 32hz is sounds heavily fuzzed.
  8. I'm still trying to decide between going for a TH500 with either

    2x CN112
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    Jun 3, 2013
    Ultimately I would like to get a HD210 and HD112, but I came across this AE410 for way to cheap to pass up.
  10. Strange. I wonder if there is a problem somewhere in the signal chain. I was never, ever able to push those drivers to break-up down low, and I lay on the B string on occasion. Again, don't get hung up with that -10db low end spec. It means very little, since most of the meat of even the lowest note of the B string (the open B) has most of its energy in the first harmonic, which is 60hz or so.

    That being said, it definitely is a tightly voiced cab, designed for more mid punch and low mid push than a big open low end, so it might just not be your thing. If you put massive low end into that cab (like with a Mesa M6 or M9, which cranks out massive sub 40hz volume), you can get it to fold when digging in on the B string (although those heads would fold most cabs!).

    Might just not be the thing for you. Good luck getting it figured out.
  11. What do you feel the advantage of mixing the HD210 with the HD112 is?

    IMHO if those are the cabs on your radar, I would look at getting two of the HD210's and stacking them vertically.
  12. +1 Actually, in his case, two HD112's, since the HD10's are closer to the tight, punchy voicing of the AE410 that he's having trouble with.
  13. fader_jockey


    Jun 3, 2013
    A friend of mine that plays for a singer/songwriter out of Nashville has the 210/112 set up, it seemed to have everything I wanted/need out of my sound. I guess I just fell in love with the tone.

    I love the tone and punchy nature of my 410. My signal chain is clean. I made it super simple to make sure it wasn't my patching that was throwing the cab off. Lava cable direct to a OSP speaker out to the cab. All quality cables.
  14. He has the HD210/HD112 combo exactly? Have you actually played through the speakers with your amp and bass?

    What was meant by a "clean signal path" has nothing to do with cables. It sounds like you are overdriving some stage of your amplificaiton (i.e. into the front end of the pre, or into the frot end of the power section). Side note, are you using a speaker cable between your amp and cab or are you using an insturment cable?
  15. fader_jockey


    Jun 3, 2013
    Yes, I played my FJ4 through it and his Fender 5 at the time.

    I figured it was one or the other; yes its an OSP speaker cable, when I switch to my WT800 I used my speakon connection. Both amps have been through my local service shop and should have no issues with signal path.
  16. /sigh

    its not about the condition of the amp, but how you yourself are setting the gain stages and eq.

    You can take the "best" rig in the world and turn the knobs in such a way that it wont sound pleasing to you regardless of how well you play.
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    Jun 3, 2013
    I'm sorry I imagine this is frustrating.... I apologize. I've been on my own with music for ever and always had the attitude of I'm gonna do my best to figure it out on my own, and thus far has been very rewarding.

    so why the sigh?

    However, I have the gain structure set as Eden instructs you with their amps (and really the same way how you would do it with any mic). My EQ is not out of whack. I'm not rookie when it comes to equipment when it comes to live sound/pro audio/studio trap, but I'm sure with this bass issue it doesn't sound that way.

    I was little confused by your statement because you said the power section and/or the pre in the previous post?
  18. fader_jockey


    Jun 3, 2013
    Other than resetting the gain structure after changing cabs, both my WT800 and WT300 when ran through my D610XST. There was no issue. My issue is the large amount fuzz, almost distorted, sound when Im play in the lowest of registers on my 5 string
  19. You could be over driving the input of your amp? Or maybe you are not setting your gain EQ in the correct way.

    As far as the settings recommended by any one else, manufacturer included, if it doesnt sound good then they are wrong. Dont look at the knob position, just turn them till you like the sound.
  20. fader_jockey


    Jun 3, 2013
    You could be right, I haven't thought about over driving the input. I'm setting the gain how you would set gain on a mixer or really anything.

    I don't think its the EQ. I switched cabs with the same EQ, no fuzzy noise from it and sounds exactly as I want.

    But I do really appreciate all the info thus far. Keep it coming, cause this cab sounds killer and should perform just fine with the low end.