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Blackstar Amplification Club

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Daniel Piper, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Blackstar are a Guitar amplifier and effects pedal company that is around 10 years old and has launched its first foray into bass amplifiers.

    I've been so impressed with my Blackstar Combo - a U500 - that I thought that it might be a good time to open up a thread where all Blackstar products can be discussed. Whether its a Fly Bass mini amp, a pedal, or one of the bigger Blackstar amps/powered cabs - lets pool our thinking here.

    If you would like to re-post any reviews/pics you have already posted - that would be really helpful!

    Pics / Clips / Thoughts / Reviews / Questions / Settings- Let it rain!

    My initial contribution to this thread:


    This combo has exceeded all my expectations in all areas - except weight.

    Tonally - it is exceptionally flexible, and produces rich, detailed, lows mids and highs. It has no tweeter/horn - but I get all the highs I need out of it.

    Build quality is fantastic.


    In 6-12 months I will look to add a powered extension cabinet.

    It will be really interesting to see how this range of combos/powered extensions sell and are received by the bass community.

    Should we do numbers?
  2. hvy1


    Jul 3, 2018
    Thanks for getting this going. I’m patiently waiting for my u250(due in later this month from SW) but would love to hear any and all info from you or anyone else has regarding the Unity series.
  3. It was pretty much a toss up when choosing between the u500 and u250- I would expect only a small difference in max output between the two.

    The trickiest part about the unity system is getting *ahem* unity gain when setting up your overdriven sound. But once you dial it in- the OD/distortion and fuzz all sound great.

    I've been using the 'classic' preamp voice into the 6550 output setting.

    Takes me closest to SVT territory.
  4. I'll be really interested to see what settings you land on once you get yours in hand!
  5. Yip - a key consideration when using this amp.

    Because of it - I believe it is an amp where, in general, it operates best with a lower input gain setting, and higher master setting. IMO
  6. I played through the U500 at GC yesterday and was very impressed with the sound. A very deep and rich tone that sounded lovely to my old ears.

    I would have concerns about it cutting through the mix. Any thoughts on that? Have you gigged with this combo yet?

    The compressor sounded great to me. Seems like it was dialed in well for finger style. I don't slap so I don't know if it would be good for that or not. Also the onboard effects and OD/D/F sounded good as well.

    The weight, alas, was the deal killer for me. It seemed lighter than my Mesa Walkabout Scout test much more than my BF SC.
  7. Looking further into it they have a 250 watt 115 combo that weighs a bit less than the 210. I bet the 115 combo with the 115 extension cab would sound great.
  8. The tone is rich and fat- but can be slimmed down with the bass and parametric mids.

    The 115 with 115 ext would be killer!

    I think I've eaten sandwiches that weighed more than a barefaced super compact!

    I am hoping for a powered 210 extension myself.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2018
  9. Dels


    Jan 16, 2017
    Jacksonville, FL
    Hey! I want a club member # :)

    I received my U500 last week and gig'd with it right away. It gave me the extra headroom I needed to level my drummer. I used to gig with the Fender Rumble 200 which I liked a lot, but I am very pleased with the Blackstar!

    The first unit had something wrong with the footswitch and DI but it sounded great so I gig'd with it anyways. I just received the replacement and was happy to see that there was no problem with it!

    Here is a video showing the problem:

    In terms of settings, I am using the Flat setting and Linear response... with the compressor about halfway! Sounds super rich and powerful! I am still not using the built-in effects (not sure if I will

    I'll be taking pictures tomorrow at our show and post them here :)
  10. Awesome to have you aboard!

    Alright then, let’s have some numbers!

    #1 @Daniel Piper
    #2 @Dels
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  11. Did your amp arrive?
  12. QweziRider

    QweziRider Supporting Member

    Sep 15, 2008
    Northern Nevada, U.S.
    Does it count to have an HT Stage 60 for recording purposes even though not for bass?
  13. Heck yes it counts!

    I like their guitar amps.
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  14. Dels


    Jan 16, 2017
    Jacksonville, FL
    Here is the pic from last weekend! I love the amp, plenty of headroom and I just got the fs-12 yesterday to go with!

  15. QweziRider

    QweziRider Supporting Member

    Sep 15, 2008
    Northern Nevada, U.S.
    I love mine. I play only enough guitar to do my own recording work. You know, anything can be done in 50 takes. So many years of this modeler, that piece of preamp, digital this, digital that. Nothing I could afford ever came close to what was in my head. Until I got this beast a couple years ago. And there is the sound (and many more) that I heard. Run her down the hall in the bathroom, mic her up, crank it up...ahhhhhh, recording heaven.

    Looking forward to using it as a second channel of dirt on bass recording as opposed to a pedal.
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  16. Dude - sick setup - I friggin love that bass!

    The fs-12 is nearly essential with this setup IMO. Worth it just for the mute/tuning option!

    I like being able to switch in my fuzz and chorus tones too.

    This new Blackstar Unity gear is top quality all round. I'm just tossing up whether to buy the 115 extension, or wait till they release a 500 watt 210 extension - which I am sure will be a possibility once the line really takes off.

    Not that the 210 hasnt been enough for me yet. It has slayed.

  17. Oooohhhh- a wet / dry setup would be awesome!
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  18. Linnin

    Linnin SUSPENDED

    Jul 19, 2012
    Linningrad, Earth
    I've had my Bass FLY 3 Stereo Pack for about a year now. Makes for excellent computer speakers. Play along with You Tube videos too.
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  19. hvy1


    Jul 3, 2018
    I did! It came in last week. Sounds pretty good minus the hissing whenever I turn the high knob up. Any chance thats normal?
  20. Yeah thats pretty normal. In general these combos hiss less than others because of the lack of a tweeter.

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