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Book Suggestions

Discussion in 'General Instruction [BG]' started by cffrocks, Apr 6, 2004.

  1. cffrocks


    Mar 24, 2004
    I am an intermediate to advanced level guitar player and have a fairly good grasp at theory. Now I want to learn 5 string bass. Does anyone out there have any thoughts on some decent instructional materials I can start with? :meh:

    Does anyone have any comments on a couple of books by Brian Emmel, "5-String Basic Fundamentals: The Fun Approach to Bass Improvisation", and "Five String Bass:Complete Book of Scales, Modes, and Chords"?

  2. Since you're already adept with guitar and theory, then maybe you consider a book/video that's pitched at the sole characteristics of bass.

    I've heard good reports of Norm Stockton's video series "The art of Groove". Do a TalkBass search and you should dig up the threads.

    You could also consider Oscar Stagnaro's "The Latin Bass Book". It also enjoys frequent recommendations and would probably give you a good intro to some Jazz (if you're interested in that kind of thing).

    Also, check the sticky thread at the top of the "General Instruction forum".

  3. Them "Grooving for heaven" series. What is it all about?? I don't understand, at first I thought it was an instructional DVD series but is it something to do with religion and christianity and all that??? I don't understand......

    Maybe it's a cultural thing, it just seems like a really weird mix for video......

    Would anyone be able to provide more info on this series??
  4. Boplicity

    Boplicity Supporting Member

    I have "Mel Bay's Learn to Play Five String Bass" by Brian Hiland. I have another book of his too, "Complete Blues Bass Book" which is very thorough and I recommend it often.

    The "Learn to Play..." book is very basic and does not come with a CD as does the blues bass book. I find CDs with instructional books are very helpful because they allow you to hear how the music passage is to be played.

    This book has scales, and chord tones as they can be played on a five-string with a B string, but not a fifth string above the G-string tuned to C. It also has a few hints for slapping with a five-string and has some sample bass lines in different styles.

    This book is VERY BASIC, but is certainly an adequate introduction. It is written both in standard notation and tab.

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