Burning mp3's onto a DVD?

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  1. wasn't sure of which forum to post this in...

    has anyone burned mp3's onto a DVD (as data) and got them to play in their DVD player?

    I ask as I have 7 CD's of mp3's burned as data, which play in my DVD players, and wonder if their contents can be burned onto one DVD, and play as each CD did.

    I don't have a DVD burner/recorder myself- I intend to use a friend's PC DVD burner.
  2. Phil Smith

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    I don't see why it shouldn't work, but just for the heck of it I will try it tonight. :D
  3. bigbeefdog

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    Yep, it works.

    In fact, they thought I was crazy at the local car audio shop when I asked about a head unit with a DVD drive..... and told them that I wasn't interested in a video system...... simply wanted to play a single disc with about a THOUSAND songs on it.... :)
  4. thanks, guys.

    yeah, it's potentially a very cheap way to get a 4 or 5Gb mp3 player-
    and with removeable media.
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    have fun selecting individual songs....

    I like the idea in theory, but that's just too much on one disc. I'd get really confused if I had to skip through to track 783 to hear "Highway to the Danger Zone".
  6. I've just tried it on a friend's PC.
    for some reason Nero Express let only 3.4Gb of mp3s be burned to a 4.7Gb DVD.

    my DVD player only lists 298 mp3s, even though all 770 of them are playable off the disc on my PC.

    hmm, I guess 298 is the limit for mp3 tracks?
  7. DaftCat


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    Perhaps for your make/model, Turtle.

    For those who are curious but are cheap, you can use DVD-RWs also to test this.
  8. That's why you can organise the disc into folders and sub-folders, for artists, albums etc. just like an MP3 player.:p