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    Mar 30, 2014
    choices, choices
    Hi everyone, I have been playing an Epiphone Zenith, that I had the frets removed, for a few years now and have finally decided that I need a bass with frets. As professional woodwind player and pianist I only play in my home on my own. I mostly play jazz, salsa, blues and older rock, reading both tab and notation. My goal is to reproduce the sound of an acoustic upright as close as possible. I use flat wound strings and would like the frets to be as minimal as possible such as 6230 or 6150. I live in a remote area of the UK and was hoping to be able to buy the instrument without having played it. I have looked at the Furch B61-4-CM, D'Angelico Ex Bass, Warwick Alien Deluxe, Boulder Creek BCEBR6-N4, and Ibanez Artcore AGB 200. I don't know if I should be concentrating my search on only acoustics or semi acoustics. How come manufactures never show the fret size? Is there any way to find this out without contacting the manufacturer directly? Do you have any suggestions on other instruments?
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