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  1. Michedelic

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    Hi; am known as Saw Man Chuck
    and I have talked and watched many of you after you have finished on stage and moved to the fan merchandising table, for years. This is a lot of hard work to make a one time sale for one CD or bumper sticker. Most businesses would not operate this way, too much labor and to little profit for a large capital investment , but the computerization of most any home,or place of business has changed the way people function. If you don't think so go park in front of any U. P. S. Store and see the stream of returns being made from website sales. The music industry has changed alot in the last three years as far as getting your music your fans, but not generating money. What I have to offer you is different in a few critical ways when it comes to supporting your music talents. Instead of your fans buying from Amazon I am offering you a simular type selling website buying club. You will be paid for every item sold through this marketing funnel. This means that you will just ask your fans to go to your personalized website, and attach a flyer to your merchandise inviting them to your website and join the club. In some way this will increase their supply of you. Come visit my website and leave me a message if you want more information. Why not make money the easy way again and again.
    "" Cowboywealth.Com/Chuck ""

    Sometimes, when there's a lack of proofreading, or it's a case of English as a last language, it's comedy gold. Mussions? Uh huh, rhymes with Russian.
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  2. two fingers

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    I'm thinking myoo-shunz.

    Mussions? We duh need no stinking mussions.
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  3. micguy


    May 17, 2011
    "too much labor and to little profit" - I guess he actually knows the correct word, but doesn't have time to proofread his stuff.

    Shakespeare before proofreading:

    Too bee or not two be?
  4. Winslow


    Sep 25, 2011
    Group "W" Bench
    "In some way"... y'know... somehow... I can't tell you how, because it's a business secret! But it'll work, don't worry! :roflmao:
  5. GIBrat51

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    Mar 5, 2013
    South Bend, Indiana
    Well, I suppose that if I was a Mussion, I might be interested... On second thought? Nah, guess not....:rollno::rollno:
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