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  1. All bass other than the drums Ofcourse. Hope you enjoy ! Leave a comment of you like .. Or if ya don't like too !

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  2. It sounds pretty cool to me! How many different parts are there, and what's that real spacey sounding pedal?
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  3. haha i like it man
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  4. The Diaper Geni

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    I likey!
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  5. Thnx! There's about 4...5. Different parts . The real spacey one your probably hearing is my MXR delay and envelope filter .
  6. kurotenshi


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    Since you posted on the FX forum, care to share what effects you used?
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  7. Sure thing ! Used MXR delay, envelope filter & octave. Cry baby wah and also Joyo Voodoo Octave Fuzz.
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