Darn, that crazy drummer!

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  1. Drummers are notorious for being the black sheep in the band, like goalies are the black sheep on the hockey team. Is the reputation justified? Y'all have any good stories about your crazy drummer? C'mon, he'll never find out what you said! :D
  2. Bass humour & gig stories?

    I lost my drummer in a tragic gardening accident.
  3. I must be the crazy one.

    I like my drummer.
  4. My old drummer (ages back) was a tad mental

    He used to play and be fixated on watching his shadow, one time he just started playing a beat, and it was practically spot on the peter gunn theme, which is fairly simple, so me and the guitarist jumped in and started playing along, we all finished playing at about the same time, and he looked up to us talking about that being a good laugh, he didnt know what we were talking about, he was adimant that we hadnt played anything :eyebrow:
  5. I love both my drummers. The guy I play with now is funny as hell, and the guy I used to play with (high school music teacher) is an awesome jazz drummer (Buddy Rich-esque).

    It's a shame I won't get to play with Pat again - he's getting older, playing less gigs, and I won't see him any more since I'm not at school... it bums me out, but it's all good.

    We never really got along anyway. :D