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Dean Basses

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by JmD, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. JmD


    Sep 13, 2005
    Look pretty nice, and a very good price.

    Anyone know how they play?
  2. I play a Dean Edge 4 string and have really enjoyed it. It is certainly a beginner bass, but the stock soapbar pickups are sensitive and well-rounded.
    I practice daily and gig with it (blues and classic rock) monthly. It always gets comments on how nice it looks (natural finish). It won't impress other bass players for the name recognition, but it really seems to glow on stage.
    The neck is narrow and skinny near the nut, making it very playable for fingerstyle, but probably not your best bet for learning slap.
    It needed some serious adjustment to get the neck set right when I first got it, but the luthier who did it said that the truss rod was surprisingly easy to adjust and improve the tone.
    I am ready for an upgrade now, but will probably keep the Dean on hand as a good backup.
    Their website has a nice discussion forum too, but turn your sound off before visiting the site.
  3. played an edge Q5 muliple times a week for 2 years.

    great neck, not to heavey, decent sound... mine is a little bottom heavey, but that can be worked around.

    However, I have not played any deans that sounded as good as mine. Play several of them, and find a good one. definatley a good beginner - later beginner bass.

    just be sure to save for something else later :)
  4. Philbiker

    Philbiker Pat's the best!

    Dec 28, 2000
    Northern Virginia, USA
    They play, sound, and look great. I used to own one and I loved it. Highly recommended.
  5. I had a fretless Edge 4 for a short time(traded it+cash for a used Stambaugh), & it absolutely compared to basses costing MUCH more(Warwick, Musicman, Spector). Save up for something better, but considering what you'll get for a used one, I say keep the Dean as backup if you get one. I can't comment on consistency, but the one I had was VERY nice.
  6. Euro deans are awsome. ive played one for my main for almost 5 years now, even after comparing to many of the other "big name" basses that a gigging kinda guy would use ( GL, fender, ibiz, all that fun stuff )

    Ive owned the q4 euro custom, its gret quality, great sound.

    I owned a q6 korean for a while, construction was a little weak, deffintly could tell the diffrence, and the wood choice wasnt as good by any means.
  7. I think that the jeff berlin model deans arent being made anymore, but when jeff gets them he keeps them stock so you know they must be good. The exotic wood versions look really nice too.
  8. Rhythmalism


    Sep 25, 2004
    I tried a mid-range one last time I was bass shopping. It looked pretty sharp for what it was, gold hardware on green, mmmm! I didn't care for the tone, it sounded a little thin and tinny, I played with the tone knobs and EQ a little, but it just wasn't my thing.
  9. I've got a Dean Pro 4. Looks great, neck suits me (I've got small hands!) and weighs a lot less than my Warwick. Range of sounds not bad from active 3EQ either. Only problem was with bridge, which needed some adjustment. They're not going to win prizes for being all time classics, or impress that many people with the name etc, but for the money I think they're pretty good.
  10. I love my Edge 4 fretless...beautiful, light, great tone, and I spent $300 for it new. It gets played out all the time, and our sound guy loves it for the PA as well.

    Just a super instrument at its price point.

  11. I have a Edge 4 fretless that I play quite a bit. The only problem I have found with it is the preamp is a little noisy, especially when I tweak the pickup blend and the treble.

    It plays great, looks good, feels sturdy, and I got it set up at BassNW when I bought it so it is set up as good as you could ever hope for.

    I recommend them, but like others have said, don't expect to really play it forever, you'll want bigger and better stuff sooner or later, I know I do.
  12. one of my friends has it, it's pretty old and he dosnt take very good care of it. i think its one of their cheaper ones, not very good, and i definately like the playability on my squier better. but, then again, that could be becasue its my bass
  13. westland


    Oct 8, 2004
    Hong Kong
    I have a Dean Edge 4 fretless which I really like. I've swapped out the pups and amp for a Nordstrand DC4 + OBP2 combo, and this really expands the tonal palette (which on the stock bass is OK ... is warm, and a bit muddy, but the amp is limited). Stock it's a great instrument; with the upgrade (which cost as much as the original bass altogether) it's as good as I need.

    As others have said, it won't impress other players, because it's affordable and not very exclusive. But Dean really delivers a great, cost effective package.
  14. I´ve got a flat black Edge 4, with EMG Hz pups. Tuned it down to B.... I love it, using it for gigs and all, no probs. Suits my playing really nice. I have considered swapping the Hz´s someday, but they´re good for now.
  15. co_gooner


    Dec 13, 2005
    I'm thinking of getting one of these and restringing BEAD, do you use a B string or just tune down the E string?

  16. ive played the pace EUB, very nice, very fun to play...and an edge 5 neck through with quilt top? that played and sounded like buttah...i really like dean basses...id love to try the brian bromberg
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