Differences in Fender American Jazz basses

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  1. Hey folks. I am hoping that some of the Fender specialists can read and respond to this. I have 2 basses that are available for me to purchase this week, and I am stumped. They are a '97 Fender American Standard Jazz Bass and a '04 Fender American Jazz Bass. I tried looking up the info through Fender's website, but didn't see too much regarding the details. Does anyone know which would be the better purchase? Was there a difference in production during those years? Is there a difference between American Standard and American?
  2. Well, I called Fender & spoke to someone in customer support. He informed me that the biggest (and possibly only) difference between the '97 American Standard and the '04 American is that the '04 has the S-1 feature on the Volume 1 pot. So, now my question is, what is the preference regarding the S-1 switch?
  3. Funny thing. Fender introduced the s-1 switch on precision and jazz basses. I don't quite understand the rationale for it on a precision, but I do on a jazz.

    I don't believe that the feature was that popular even on Jazz basses, but you either love it or are indifferent on it. Series-parallel (push-pull) switches are very popular mods to jazz basses. I added one of my Fender FSR (ash) jazz bass and really like the tone option. It is a bit stingray like and is definitely a volume boost.

    In the grand scheme, it is an easy mod if you want it. I would not buy a bass because of it. Play both. Whichever feels better, buy.
  4. The American Series became the American Standard which became the American Professional.
  5. I went with the '97! Looks and plays great! I had a friend do a set up for me. When he took off the pick guard it looked like someone spilled cola on it as it was caked underneath. Other than that, it's a great bass. This pic is from before the clean up. 6518.JPG
  6. Looks great. Classic color combo. Congrats
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    Congrats on the new bass.
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