Do the new Ibanez BTB range still have dual truss rods?

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  1. trying to get my head around which do and which don't. Ibanez site just gives "standard truss rod" in the spec page for the new ones. Also what about the bolt on models ? Do any of the 4 string model have a dual rod set up ? Do the 2 dark insets running down on the back of the neck mean 2 truss rods?
    Background- I have owned and played a 5 string BTB since 2005. My main bass these days.
    I have been trying to set up another bass for DGCF as "D" has become the new" E " in my band, mainly for vocals and my guitar player also plays extremely hot slide in D.
    ATM I have 2 D basses on the go. I have gone to a heavier 110 on the bottom string as standard is too floppy. My trusty old 74 jazz bass has taken to it extremely well and feels right action and tension wise. I have also set up an Ibanez SDGR with the same gauge strings but it just don't like it though I have been slowly tweeking it and getting it better. Sounds killer compared to the fender but very tight feeling to play. I would like to get my hands on a BTB 4 with the dual truss rods ( if there is such an animal) I have seen pictures on ebay of 4's with the dark stripes on the back of the neck hence my earlier question. Any insights would be appreciated.
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    They haven't used dual truss rods in years. They still are one of the most stable necks of any bass Ive ever owned. Hardly ever needs adjusted.
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    The two dark stripes seen from the back of the neck don't correlate to the number of truss rods inside. They are just different wood materials used to create multi-laminate neck. My 2016 BTB 7 strings has 4 dark stripes on its neck. These don't mean that it has 4 truss rods inside. It has only two.

    Yeah, the latest BTBs are only equipped with single truss rod, even in the latest 7 strings model. But, they've added graphite reinforcement rods on the sides of the truss rod which help stiffen the neck, even inside the one and only new 4 string model (BTB740).
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