Double gig weekend....

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  1. So we had a weekend with lots of sun, warm weather and a couple fun gigs.

    @dbase , as usual from me, no food shots, just a heads up if you want to bow out now before you search for them. :thumbsup:

    Sat 7/24 we were back at a favorite summer spot for us, Hahn-a-Lula resort along the Wolf River in Fremont. Good crowd considering there were very few familiar faces.

    Eric was nicely highlighted by the porta potties behind him. :D
    band hahns.jpg

    Carmen hahns.jpg

    A short video clip shared to us, not the best quality but the sound is alright. I can hear my bass anyway.

    Sunday we were playing at a first for us venue near Aniwa WI, Melody Mill Bar. They have a nice stage setup for outside on a day like this was. They were planning for more of a crowd cover until the price of lumber went through the roof. See what I did there?

    Not much dancing going on, without a cover the cement patio was like a teflon pan on an unsupervised stove. But the crowd stuck around all day and we got lots of good feedback with the promises of more gigs in the future from the owners.

    stage melody mill.jpg

    One cool thing about this gig was I had a face to face with another TB member, Craig/Pedulla-player came by for awhile. It was cool to talk bass and about our band with him.

    me craig melody mill.jpg

    Had a cousin and her husband come out too, nice to see them.

    rick sue band.jpg

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    South Jersey, USA..
    Chris, I know you have to eat sometime... couldn't you at least get a picture of a sandwich at home eating lunch or something. just saying ... satisfy me. ;) Oh and nice job on I can see clearly, I like it.
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  3. "For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you can support this starving bass player....." :roflmao:
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  4. Looks like back to back fun gigs!

    ok first picture….. do you have a guitar pick stuck on your melon?

    I dig that multi color bass - looks cool and sounds good too!

    Your female singer has a little Stevie Nicks in her voice - very easy to listen to! Actually the whole band is just easy to listen to, the whole vibe is just there. Nice job!
  5. Thank you sir.

    Love that bass, my son painted that like 10 years ago in high school. My daughters are working on a similar project now to get in on the "I painted dad's bass" action :thumbsup:

    Yep, that's my pick. I just started using one, or learning to, over the winter down time due to old arthritic hands. But I keep losing the dumb things. Told the guitarist I couldn't lose it that way. Nerdy bass players, remember? :roflmao:

    Carmen is fantastic, she pulls off Linda Ronstadt well too! Thought we were done when the former flake left but things turned out to be so much better.
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    great stuff! i remember liking your band before (on another posting/thread) --- what a fun configuration --- you guys are super! :thumbsup:

    i like the food shots myself but when the playdown is so good = nothing else matters. nice job! thanks for sharing your gig experience. :thumbsup:
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  7. Thank you!
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    Aaahhhh, the ol' "pick on the forehead trick"! I'm starting to utilize one also, due to my fingers not wanting to do what I tell 'em. Now all I hafta do is figure out how to keep from dropping them. I may go the Patrick Simmons route and use gaffers tape. Stick it on the ol' thumb!!
    Nice playing and great sound!! You guys harmonize quite well !!
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  9. Helix

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    May 29, 2015
    You guy's sound great!
  10. nixdad


    Aug 15, 2008
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    Excellent report, Chris - you guys sound great!
    Did you add a new pickguard to your Broncomusicaster bass?
  11. dalkowski

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    Great report -- thanks!
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  12. The picks stick well with some humidity! Thank you!

    Thank you sir!

    Thank you Chris! The pickguard on the Broncomaster is the same white. The Squier Musicmaster got a new Grumpy over the winter if that's the one you meant. Now my daughters are working on a Mustang body project, have another Bronco neck for that one too.

    That's about right! :laugh: Thank you!
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    Apr 11, 2021
    And if you donate today we'll send you an adorable starving bass player.
  14. Pedulla-Player

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    Mar 5, 2009
    Hijinx was great! I'm glad that I finally got to see your band. Great musicianship and amazing harmonies. You guys and gal put out a lot of sound for a three piece band. It was great to finally meet you and talk a little shop. I am definitely going to check your band out again sometime. Next time I'll bring the wife so I can stay longer. lol
  15. Hi Chris! (@WI Short Scaler)

    Woo hoo! Gig it while the giggin's good! Thanks for sharing your fun. I think it's always cool to meet other TB members too. You guys are a good lot. ;)

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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  16. Thanks again Craig, glad it worked out well for you to make it.

    Thanks Cliff. You're setting the standards.
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