Eastwood Stormbird?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Martytwochainz, Aug 5, 2013.

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    Aug 2, 2013
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    I know that TBird1958 on this forum is a big Thunderbird & related collector. I remember him saying such not good things about it after he bought his Stormbird Bass, but you're better off asking him why.

    I thought it was pretty cool the first time I saw it, though.
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    Jul 27, 2009
    I think TBird1959 bought a Gould Stormbird, which is maybe the same model? I'm sure he will chime in.
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    I had a similar bass - Stormbird from Gould. It was not a good bass at all!

    In your price range and location I would strongly suggest you check out B&CH or BaCH, they make a very nice Non Reverse Thunderbird that should work out nicely.
    I have a buddy here in the states selling a two pickup version at $550.00.


    Fellow TB'er basvarken is a dealer for them, and a friend of mine - I highly recommend him!
  5. Martytwochainz


    Aug 2, 2013
    Thank you, I will definitely check them out haha :)
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    I have a couple of Eastwoods; a Sidejack Baritone guitar, and a Magnum bass (both lefties). They are both good instruments; not great, but you generally get what you pay for in life. At that price point, the Stormbird is most likely made in Indonesia, which seems to be the new China. My Magnum was made there as well; very few nits to pick, actually. Plays and feels nice; not as nice as my Alembic, but I didn't expect it would. Eastwood is rumored to have pretty good customer service if there's a problem with it, so if it makes you happy - go for it.
  7. I have an Eastwood tenor guitar, and I really love everything about it. I've never seen one of their basses, but I'd be willing to give it a try blindly based on my tenor.
  8. I played an Eastwood NR T-bird for about 20 minutes at Chicago Guitar/Music Exchange. Set neck, nice Pelham blue color. I liked it but I can't help thinking that you could get other basses (especially used) for 5 hundred that would be better. It looked cool and was a decent player But you would be in Highway 1 territory, a MIM Fender would be cheaper, an Epiphone neck through T-bird pro would be in the same ball park. An American peavey could be had for less.

    Don't limit yourself, play anything you can get your hands on, appearance is not as important as feel and playability.
  9. Eastwood stuff is generally pretty good--my Classic 4 is the only hollow body bass I kept when I sold off a few others I had. Haven't tried this particular one however.
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    Thank you Mark! :bassist:
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    Seems there isn't a whole lot of middle ground in people's opinion of Eastwood's quality. My experience with the two I've had is that the quality is at best mediocre. They make some cool stuff for sure but I'd never buy another one without playing it first. Both mine needed fret work/setup that cost over $100 per.
  12. 4001Rickenbackr


    Aug 7, 2008
    Well I own a eastwood stormbird in pelham blue and I love it !! It has a basswood body with a maple set neck. Now I would say that It would be better if some better pick up's are installed. I will be installing a set of bartolini's in mine as well as either a hipshot or a babicz bridge. But as for the over all build quality I would say that it is good and the fret work is nice. There really is not many options for trying to even find a bass at all that is a non-reverse style of thunderbird. Now I will have to add that it makes me go insane to hear someone grip about having to spend money to have your guitar fret work or set up done. This stuff is just part of being a player and if you do not like it then either learn to do the work yourself, Pay someone to do the work for you or just shut up and give up playing cuz there sure is a whole lot more to have to whine about in life rather than crying over a guitar or bass not being PERFECT ! GEEZ !! I might have a midol if you need one.
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    Wow. You have been a member for eleven years and this is what you decided you want to make as your first post?
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    Not to mention digging up the dead.