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EBS VS Markbass

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by recode, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. recode


    Sep 10, 2013
    Hello everyone. I'm stuck deciding which pedal to buy. EBS Metaldrive or Markbass mini distortion? I need more modern sound with nice attack and edge and also tight bass. I would give for Darkglass Microtubes B3K but it's too expensive for me. Which one of those two is more similar to darkglass? Any other suggestions?
  2. mmbongo

    mmbongo Chicken Pot Pie. My three favorite things!!

    A new MetalDrive costs the same as a used B3K, so....

    Aguilar Agro is also another pedal to consider, but none of them really sound like a B3K.
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  4. Crystalman85


    Nov 30, 2008
    Chicago, Il.
    the ebs metaldrive is a much better choice for your needs.
  5. recode


    Sep 10, 2013
    Hi! I would really go for b3k, but I don't know where u seen such prices. :oops: for me it costs twice more than EBS Metaldrive. Metaldrive costs 109 Euro and b3k 200+ Euro.
  6. mmbongo

    mmbongo Chicken Pot Pie. My three favorite things!!

  7. Laurent

    Laurent Supporting Member

    May 21, 2008
    Napa, CA
    +1. It's a much better pedal period. Also the EBS Multidrive is another good option if you want something a little tamer than the Metaldrive.
    I tried the BK3 and I did not like this pedal at all.