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Eden CXC-110 for DB/BG?

Discussion in 'Amps, Mics & Pickups [DB]' started by bassteban, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. I searched & found very little on this amp. I've also posted over at BG, but thought I'd ask the real bass players(don't tell my slabbist friends I said that)too. Can anyone over here give me an opinion on using the Eden CXC-110 for DB and BG?
  2. If you check on the Eden forum - www.eden-electronics.com/forum/ - you'll find some very satisfied users of the CXC110. I haven't tried that exact combo but have a very similar rig - a WT330 (same amp) and an Eden 210XST (Eden have said the CX speaker is much the same as the XST, except that it's a coax).

    I've been using it mainly for BG and am very happy with the clean sound, detailed highs and especially the extended low end. Most small speakers have a low-mid hump (which makes them sound loud but can cause problems for DB) but this one is much less coloured. It makes my bass sound just like it does through good studio monitors without EQ.
    Recently I've been playing a solid-body EUB through it and, again, can get the sound I want without using the EQ.

    Any more detailed info you want to know, please ask - I love this rig.
  3. macmrkt

    macmrkt Banned

    Dec 4, 2002
    Two years ago, I had single and paired CXC110's (as the CX110 separate cabinet with the WT400 head). I thought they were great with my BG's, but not very good at all with EUB or DB. The sound was hollow and weak, and the cabinets bottomed out easily. Again, great on BG, not on DB.
  5. I'm not sure if you can quote two posts simultaneously-
    Anyway, macmkrt, I assume you used a preamp? What kind of pickup/preamp & bass were you using? I don't mean to question you of course, but taste is subjective. I, for one, can make a fine bass & amp sound awful w/little or no effort. ;) Thanks.
  6. larry


    Apr 11, 2004
    I bought one, tried it out for a day, then brought it back and bought a Bergantino 112. I thought the Eden could not handle near as much low end without farting out. To be fair, I think the Eden is lower wattage, but I thought it would only be usable for low volume gigs.
  7. I was all psyched to get one of these to replace my Kickback- found blemished models for $629, the wife says go ahead, now you guys gotta go & give your honest opinions. Gaaah! Can anyone compare one w/a Hartke KB-12? I mentioned on the post in BG that I like the tone of the Hartke, but would like a bit more power/headroom & a bit less weight/bulk. Appreciatin' the comments.
  8. macmrkt

    macmrkt Banned

    Dec 4, 2002
    I used the Eden with an NS Design EUB 4 string with the mag and piezo pickups, an Azola Carved Baby Bass EUB using a K&K Bass Max, and an Eberle DB also with a Bass Max pickup. No additional pickup preamps used. The BG's were a Fodera Emperor 4 string and a Zon Sonus 5 string. Ironically, I now use a Warwick Thumb as it seems you do too, although I play DB 99.9% of the time. I didn't use the Eden's in high volume situations. But there was a huge difference in volume - the BG's had tons, the DB was very limited. Knowing what I know now, it's clear that an external preamp was needed. I don't know if it would solve all the problems though.

    The best BG/DB combos out there IMHO are any heads by Acoustic Image or EA with any cabs by LDS or Euphonic Audio. Also worth considering are Acme and Accugroove, among others. Not a combo, but the Acoustic Image heads at least, are so small and light, they can be put in your cord bag! And they'll drive pairs of these cabs with no trouble. The LDS or the Acme, with an Acoustic Image head, are near what I perceive your budget to be.
  9. I gotta go update my profile- I haven't had a Thumb for a couple of years now. My slabs are a Stambaugh fretted 6 & a passive Fender Jazz 5. My DB is a(reputedly)60 year-old 3/4 Hammig w/a Radio Shack piezo through a K&K Pure preamp. My budget will be $650-$1,000. I'd really like to be able to carry my amp in one hand & DB in the other, so a combo is preferable- but a head that fits in my 'man-purse' makes the cab essentially a combo anyway. I'll read up on these pieces; I know there are plenty of threads already. Thanks again.
  10. I mainly play BG (Warwick Thumb NT) but lately have been playing home-made solid-body EUB. Very happy with sound of both (disclaimer: I'm playing the WT330 through a 210XST, effectively the same as a CXC110 with CX110 extension cab).

    The Eden DI is excellent. Like you, I've had trouble with built-in DI's in the past (worst was a Trace) but this is clean as a whistle.

    Prior to this rig I played a Nemesis 210 combo for several years - very similar sound (a bit softer in the high mids) with very little colouration and an equally good DI. If you're wanting to walk into gigs with an amp in one hand, that's a good option.
  11. I pulled the trigger on a CXC-110. Zzounds had one blemished one left, & I couldn't resist. I figure if it doesn't do it for me, I'll ebay it & possibly break even. I gotta believe it will whoop on the Kickback 12 I've been lugging around. Again, thanks to all. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  12. I got it today. First thing I noticed was it's heavy(perhaps good?)- seemingly heavier than it should be(in the box)[for the claimed 39lbs,IIRC]. Next, the box is BEAT. I can see that it's been taped up twice(returned once already?). So I pull it out, fire it up w/my Fender(passive)Jazz 5. Master at full-on, gain at 10 or 11, & *PBBBBLRRTFFF* The most awful farting I've ever heard(from a bass rig). The low B is unusable, but the low E is actually WORSE! I try the Stambaugh 6, w/similar results, though not quite as bad. This thing's a 'blem', so I immediately kick myself for not reading up on the return policy, then call Zzounds. Don answers, tells me the return policy is the same for blems(sweet), answers all my questions. I decide to check the amp through a different speaker(Fender BXR-115b- sounds MUCH better)before deciding whether to go refund or exchange. Glancing at the(Eden)driver, I notice it seems 'crooked'... hmmm. I pull the grill, twiddle the funky-looking edge of it & find the paper is not even connected for roughly 1/4 of the outside edge. I'm fairly certain that's a bad speaker. So I'll probably exchange it. Sorry for the ramble- I'll condense when I check back in.
  13. "the paper is not even connected for roughly 1/4 of the outside edge. I'm fairly certain that's a bad speaker."

    Sorry to hear that - sure sounds like a bad speaker to me!
    If your dealer isn't helpful, contact Eden straight away. Their customer service will sort it out:

    And if they're not immediately helpful, get onto the Eden Forum and attract the attention of their customer liason person who'll make sure it gets fast-tracked.
  14. The guy at Zzounds was very helpful- I just wanted to sleep on it before deciding what to do. I'm very hopeful that this thing will be able to out-perform my Kickback 12. It's certainly heavier, but the shape is actually easier to manage. I just don't know if a 1x10 can push that low B clearly. The Hartke is passable; I take it from what I've read on the Eden that w/the internal speaker only, it's making 180 watts @ 8ohms(vs the Hartke's 120 watts). I also like the Eden's ability to add an extension cab, as well as what seems to be a usable DI.
  15. jmain

    jmain Oo, Uhn't uh, Yes! Supporting Member

    Apr 23, 2005
    Alexandria, VA
    I play slab and I had a DB on loan for the last 2 months. There are 1x10s out there that can handle the low B. I was concerned about that when I got my 1x10. I like the B to be warm and fat. The EA VL110 that I got used here a TB member was selling sounds a lot different than my Eden D410T sounded.

    I A/B'd 'em for two days using my 5-string BG and the DB, and tweaking everything. The more I listened, the more I liked the sound of the 110 for both; clear but still pretty beefy w/my Hartke 3500 (maybe one day...) Now, the mid does add definition and tweeter definitely rounds out the sound. (But that 110 looks funny sitting under that huge head. Plus, I'm kinda use to my rig coming up past my knees :) )

    Based on members reviews and individual input, I was thinking of going for an Epifani 1x10, Aguilar 1x12, or Acme B1. The house has a Hartke Kickback 10 that I use on Friday's gig strictly as a monitor. I like the sound for slab, but it's definitely not as fat as the Hartke 410 I used to have. I didn't get to play the DB through it.

    I'm not one to give much advice on a DB amp; others have commented on the EA for both...that's why I had to jump on the used one when I saw it.

    Man, I hope you have good luck getting that speaker replaced or getting a refund.
  16. I'm diggin' around trying to inform myself, looking up EA in the DB forum, when lo & behold- you post about EA! Coincidence? I don't know...
    I had just looked at Basscentral's site, where they have a used Iamp 350 combo in my range.. SOOO tempting, but I won't do anything until I clear up my current quandry(sp?).
    Again, I have no reason yet to doubt Zzounds' return policy- my interpretation of it seems to tell me I have the choice of a refund or an exchange, either including shipping. If so, I'll certainly give them a good review here.
  17. jmain

    jmain Oo, Uhn't uh, Yes! Supporting Member

    Apr 23, 2005
    Alexandria, VA
    Just to make clear: The VL110 has been discontinued (all of the VL series has.)

    There are some great threads on here comparing various EA cabs. I've read so many good things, I figured I'd jump in. And I wasn't really in a position to get this one. So I had to make quick like and sell my Eden 410 to recoup most of the cost. No regrets. Sound plus only 38 lbs instead of 92!

    Those combos are tempting. If you can't find feedback on the combo, per se, I know you can find separate info on the individual amps and cabs.

    I'm going to see if I can hold out longer now that I have the 110, so I can save me some more scratch for that DB. Those Wilfer plys from Greene are tempting, but the NS Cleveland is currently grail that grins at me every time I get on TB :)
  18. I'm really wanting a combo that will do a low B proud, NOT make my DB sound like crap(that's my job ;) )& be fairly easy to lug. I'm willing to compromise on the last issue for tone's sake. Yeah, those combos look good & get great reviews- I can just about afford/justify a used one. You don't see them every day, though. I may yet exchange the Eden- it sounded nice through a crappy Fender 1x15. :meh:
  19. jmain

    jmain Oo, Uhn't uh, Yes! Supporting Member

    Apr 23, 2005
    Alexandria, VA
    Man, now I'm looking at the BassCentral site; and need to hit the rack. The iAmp 350 would do me right. I haven't been down there in years. I just moved back to FL from Atlanta end of last year. It's more than a few clicks down there, so probably won't be making the trek for a bit. If it was closer, I'd do some scouting for you.

    I still might end up getting another 10 or bigger strictly as a woofer for that B.
  20. Tha Iamp at Basscentral is sold; Zzounds emailed me saying they're sending out a prepaid shipping label & that I will recieve a full refund when the amp has been returned & inspected. So that's cool- I had considered having a replacement shipped out, but they didn't offer that option(& I didn't ask). I may yet pay full price & try a non-blemished one. I did go check out Genz Benz Neox-112t combo at Basses Electric & Acoustic. Great sound, although I didn't have my DB w/me. I hesitated, then decided it was much larger(fairly lightweight, but more like a 1x15 cab than a 1x12 combo, size-wise)than I want. That new Ampeg PBC-228 looks promising- 200 watts, 2 channels, 16x16x10/35lbs. No external speaker capability, though- something I'd really like. Decisions, decisions...