Eden WTX-500 question: Any expert advice on Send-Return?

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  1. I have been enjoying my WTX-500; my MTD Heir sounds great through it with an Eden 1X12 speaker. I tried playing my plywood URB through it using a Tech21 Bass Driver into the FX return input. This also sounded good, but I found out that 1)this cuts off the input from the EB if it is plugged into the regular input and 2) the manual says: "This (input) is at line level; do not use instrument-level effects in this loop, as they tend to overloaded by the higher signal level, which can cause distortion."
    I'm presuming that since I'm not using the Send FX output, this doesn't apply, but I would be grateful for some expert advice on this. I'm not hearing distortion, but I don't want to damage anything.
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    Right. The FX loop is essentially just a pair of switching Jack's that allow you to tap into the audio pathe between the pre and power amp. So when you plu into the FX return, it cuts off the signal from the internal pre.

    Instrument level devices are overloaded by the signal level coming from the pre into the FX send. The potential problem is that the FX return is expecting a line level signal. If the SA output is too low you're going to be cranking up the master volume to compensate. That might be noisy and limit how loud you can ultimately play.
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  5. Can't I switch the Bass Driver to a line level output? There's a switch between the two.

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