End Pin Options for EUB Build???

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  1. Nate74


    Mar 3, 2007
    The finish is drying, the FDeck preamp components are soldered on the breadboard, the pickup from Bob is on the way and I'm getting excited.

    My last obstacle though is how to play the thing; or more accurately, how to hold the thing while I play it.

    I had it assembled prior to applying the finish to check alignments etc. and realized to play my new EUB sitting down (think cello), I’d need about a 12” endpin. But I’m 6’-5” tall which translates to maybe an endpin that’s maybe 3’ long. I’m not sure how stable that would be and I don’t have an inside body brace so I’m not sure I could support it well enough.

    So I’m wondering what stand options there are. I really like the look of radii’s solution:


    But wouldn’t know how to begin to find that particular drum hardware (not being a drummer).

    I'd really like the ability to play it seated and standing, but I don't know if a stand would accommodate both. Maybe a bracket that would work on an endpin and a stand would be cool... not sure.

    Anybody here have some insight they wouldn’t mind sharing?
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    I have the exact same drum hardware as Radii on my EUB. Here is basically what you need:




    These are only intended as examples, your best bet is to just go to your local music shop and mess around with parts until you find a setup you like. At 6' 5" you may need something taller than the parts I've shown too. Keep in mind that the tom mount is radiused like the side of a tom, so you'll have to get creative when it comes to attaching it to a flat surface.

    I would advise against a simple endpin since without the large body of the bass to rest against your body there is nothing holding the entire instrument but your fretting hand. It is almost impossible to play this way.
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    Nov 30, 2007

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    This clamp would be very easy to make out of wood. It is essentially 2 blocks of wood both have been drilled w/a drill bit the same diameter of the post - each block is one half (a radius) of the post. The blocks have 2 bolts that connect them, one on each side of the hole which allows the pole to slide between the blocks. Tightening one bolt will clamp the post and hold it where you want it. I could get more detailed about specs - it is hard to describe and is better understood visually perhaps
  5. scojack


    Apr 1, 2009
    Im having the same dilema on my build,although i have a large channel inside the body to hold an endpin rod if necessary, which will keep everything neetly tucked away. There is another compromise of course (which is quite attractive) ... a very small chair.........;)
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    Jun 9, 2008
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  7. Hey, just logged on after a long absence and saw a poic of my bass! (part of it, anyway).
    I guess by now you've long ago solved the endpin problem, but for the record, here's what I did:
    The clamp came from the local bicycle store - the kind used for bike seat-post adjustment. I fabricated a couple of pieces of wood, lined with cork gasket material - works nicely. Note that there's a piece of aluminium bar across the top (under the clamp lever) for reinforcement so I don't split the wood if it's too tight. The actual end pin is the centre rod from a mic stand.