Euphonic Audio VL-208 Parts Availability

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    I've been exchanging emails with John Dong of EA over the past couple of days regarding speaker replacements on a Euphonic Audio (EA) VL-208.

    Sent out an email on Sunday afternoon and by ~7p Sunday, he had already responded. Wow - dedication and customer service - he's in some rare air out there...

    Anyway, for those that have VL-208's, per John Dong, there is good news and bad news.

    The bad news:
    Original mid drivers have been out of production for ~10 years.
    8 Ohm woofers have no replacement from EA

    The good news:
    Tweeter cartridges are user replaceable using a PAudio PHT407 cartridge and are currently available at several resellers.
    EA has a suitable substitute for the mid drivers at ~$51/each
    4 Ohm woofers are available at ~$86/each - Per John the woofers are a drop in replacement and are voiced with more emphasis on the bottom end. Replacing both woofers changes the cab to a 4 Ohm version though.

    Hope this info help.

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