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  1. lwknives


    May 6, 2012
    Played a gig this weekend, It was my bands best gig yet we were tighter and cleaner than we have ever been.

    The lead singer/rhythm guitar player was way to loud, we had to mic the drums even in the small room to keep up with his amp which was not in the system at all. Oh well, I will be wearing earplugs in the future if he keeps that nonsense up.
    Even with the volume way up everybody present said our sound was very good so I'm not to disappointed.

    I got my first Freebird request along with a bunch of other requests for songs that my band doesn't know how to play. We are 95% original tunes so I dont know why we were getting so many requests.

    I also nearly fell over and knocked over a nice guitar. My brother had lended me his new Les Paul to play on a few songs (I was playing lead guitar with this band). We were on our last song which has a lot of extended guitar solos and I was on my usual guitar with the LP sitting in a stand near my amp. I was in the middle of a solo and when I turned my wah pedal off my board slipped out from under my foot causing me to lose balance! It also jerked on some cables and caused my brothers LP to fall out of the stand, I wasn't about to let my brothers guitar hit the ground so I jumped over to it and caught it wile taping my solo with my left hand. My brother was in the audience and I looked over at him to give him the "I'm sorry" look but he wasnt even looking at the stage, haha.

    I cant wait till my next gig!:hyper:
  2. Hi,

    Congratulation on a successful and fun gig! And nice catch with your brother's guitar.

    Your loud guitar player is going to have to learn to trust the sound man. If his stage volume is too loud then the sound guy has to take him out of the house. He may still be loud but he will sound smaller and not really fill the venue, unless he is really super loud. In which case it's just ridiculous.

    Whenever I play a gig with full sound I usually bring them smallest rig I have, just enough to get the sound I want and hear myself on stage. I let the sound guy do all the work.

    Thank you for your indulgence,